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Saturday, July 7, 2007

What Time Machine?

This blog didn't even exist in 2007 - so how is this entry even possible for you to be reading it right now???


But if you were smart enough to find this, THIS is most likely what you were looking for anyway.

My aren't you clever.

Tell your friends.

And stay-tuned for this next generation of entertainment...

Coming soon to a reality near you!!!

And in the meantime...

Keep an eye out for signs...

Hidden all-over...

In plain (enlightened) sight...

* half-diamond bracket * in-between-the-lines * half-diamond bracket *

On your internets and TV box.


Much Love.

And fear not - following the c0de merely makes your current entertainment experience that much more engaging.


- A -

P.S. Congratulations - you win a CupCake!!!

P.P.S. Has anyone seen my tail?