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Overclockin' your noggin. Only on Sumdays.

There's a lot more to the story and off-the-wall rhetoric than at first you might suspect.

It's "just" a meme... Or is it?

If you don't know, you have no idea what you're missing, and there is only one way to find out.

That said; don't be silly. +he 777 Agend^ does not (Really?) exist. Any references are purely coincidental and most likely just a figment of your imagination. 0r not.

For the time being I have been using Facebook as my writing platform of choice far, far, far (x 100,000+pictures and real-time updating and now with New! "Reality Sync") above this blog, so if you're brave and/or bored/curious, be my guest by clicking the badge to the wRight.

You never know what kind of gems you might find hidden in the rough or just how valuable they could potentially be to you and your quality of existence within this lifetime on this planet. Hey, if it's good enough for the Best of the Best, then why would you think it might not be good enough to be of remote interest to you?


Interesting is an understatement.

Once you pay attention long enough to figure out what's really going on it will blow your mind.

In a Good way.

That would be the point.

Merry +++mas.

- A! -

Friday, August 21, 2009

The LCD is in sight.

The 'Lowest Common Denominator' that is.

So, you know I've been tinkering with my whole '1' world branding plan since day one basically right? "Friends, 21st century Romans, Countrymen - lend me your ear or rent it out to me like a media voice-over set to pictures for varying amounts of time as needed..." That whole Alexander the Great meets Jesus plan for my '1'world umbrella religion? Oh, you don't know anything about that chapter? That's why I'll have to redo this as a book at some point. Anywho, the idea is an idealized world working conceptual model that's better than WTF is going on now...and that takes a universal key to solve.

Not the 'One Love' community per say...had never even really heard of or done much research into it, but it sounds cool...just not very sophisticated. The '1' World plan of mine to symbolically get everyone on the same page by making that page blank and my logo symbolize a mirror, allowing that person to paint their own personal beliefs onto it provided they document and understand where their beliefs come from...and where key others come from as well. First-hand understanding or the desire and willingness to experience it.

So, I've actually come up with some pretty profound schemes on things...which is something to work with even if my 'guardian angel' isn't exactly playing the role well.

God, if I can only start taking things more seriously and try a little designs are aimed on: TOP SECRET




Here's an interesting piece of what I consider 'abstract poetry'. Now this is an interesting filter to apply to things... Very impressive Neil, whomever you are...

Subject: "Duality"

its okayyyy if
sometimes u see darkness
just remember it teaches us what light is
and how much we miss it
when the absence of presence
eternal resting place of all aquatic bodies
i am every and nobody
i know everything and nothing at all
i am hate and i am love
fear and trust
pain and bliss
love and lust
sex and a kiss
i AM what has been seen
what will always be
what will never become
the slumber of delirium
I AM the illusion of a reality that we think we are in
I AM the confusion of duality of war where no one truly wins
I AM the pollution of intellect and youth where we believe all we do is a sin
I AM the fusion of like minded souls who together will transcend
I AM spirituality and organized religion!!!
I AM the perception of consciousness manifested into this dimension!!!!!
I AM the lesson transcend fear and aggression achieve ascension!!!!
I AM the New World Order
I AM the world full of borders
testing my commitment to the recycled universe!!!!!
I AM loyal and I have betrayed
lied, killed, pillaged, loved, torchered...
hated, lusted, trusted, incarnated and nurtured...
all experiences... in these universes...
you and I are all of this
I AM the perfect circle... split by the white light
and twisted to form the infinite...
you see... I AM all that IS....

<3 achieve enlightenment for euphoric bliss

- neil

P.P.S. Watch out, ceiling cat is watching you!

P.P.S. Random bonus video!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Tiger Theme...

One of the most recent people I've befriended on Facebook is Telepathic Tiger. I reckon that's not his real name just like Allyn Tygrrr isn't mine...but since we have the same animal theme in common, it makes sense that we might have like minds in some regards.

Here's the list of quotes from his FB page...I thought it was cute...especially the little 'tiger face' he's created =^_^=. Points for creativity.

Favorite TV Shows

Do not adjust your set.... Black and white striping pattern is normal. Enjoy the show =^_^=

Favorite Quotations:

“Oh, the tiger will love you. There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

“Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian”

“You handle depression in much the same way you handle a tiger.”

“An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger.”

“When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when the tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity. The distinction between crime and justice is no greater.”

“In the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding on the back of the tiger ended up inside.”

“Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.”

“Everyone needs a dog to adore him, and a tiger to bring him back to reality”

“In waking a tiger, use a long stick.”

“When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport; when the tiger wants to murder him, he calls it ferocity.

"It is better to have lived one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep." -- Tibetan proverb

"When tigers transform themselves into men, their tails do not change." -- Chinese proverb

"The one who tied the bell on the tiger can take it off." -- Chinese proverb

"Vicious as a tigress can be, she never eats her own cubs." -- Chinese proverb

"There is no off switch on a tiger." - Proverb

"He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount." -- Chinese proverb

"Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given him wings." -- Indian proverb

"Tigers do not need monarchy. The Tiger lives in a world where power and beauty are king and queen..." -Telepathic Tiger

"Children of light, don't become blind, experience a little darkness and let your eyes adjust. there is nothing to fear only mystery and understanding. Love yourselves and become one with all of nature..." -Telepathic Tiger


"Admire the stripes, just mind the claws." -Me

OK, so I just made that up and it's not that great...but meh, I tried...and I actually wrote something today!

(2 points)

"My, what sharp claws you have!"

"That's why I'm so very careful about who gets to pet me my Dear."


- AES -

Monday, August 17, 2009

One way to explain the coincidences...

Intelligence Unit
Today at 3:40pm
What is Holistic Quantum Relativity?

Dear Friends

Since many of you have asked for a simple explanation of HQR, this is an attempt at providing it, with apologies for errors and omissions.

Let us take a table. What is it essentially made of? Wood on the surface and underlying that... what? Nothing! Why? Let us examine the wood under a powerful electron microscope. What is it made of? Carbon and hydrogen atoms amongst other types connected to each other with what? Vast open spaces... What are the carbon atoms made of? A nucleus and polarised charge clouds with electrons etc and... what? Vast open spaces... What is the nucleus made of? Sub-atomic particles and... what? Vast open spaces!

Beyond the 1920s we referred to the nucleus as a collection of protons and neutrons enveloped by an electron charge cloud and step by step we have put so many designer labels on the sub-parts -- sub-nuclear particles -- that at last count there were at least 100+ different names for such particles and growing!

Now, as we go deeper... and observe: the sub-atomic particles -- all flavours -- are just forms of packet (Quantum) energy connected with each other as Happenings, ie, "Haps" manifest as pulsating particles or waves depending on how we look at them or don't! [Heisenberg ist wunderbar!]

The "Haps" are the sequence in which the entire universe connects to create a grand story, yes, the illusion of duality, which when looked at holistically is all just One space-time continuum of energy, which can be expressed as a grand manifestation of light or cosmic vibration simultaneously appearing and disappearing as matter, based on the illusory lens of observation set at simultaneous multiple planes of consciousness! No wonder, at first glance, it makes no sense. It confuses, disturbs and we end up worrying! No need to worry, at all!

What is HQR suggesting in a nutshell?

We ignore micro- and macro- connections and connectivity at our peril because this is the entire universe! The more we are able to connect people, events, places, stories, facts, fiction, things etc we re-create haps in our mind-spirit matrix as neural networks and then step by step, everything appears connected and Holistic via imaginative associations. The past, present and future merge into one when imagination triumphs over logic and the creative spark overtakes the mundane banality of our tedium-inspired illusory entrapment!

Holos is not just "Whole", it is essentially about recognising perfection: Why? The so called good, bad and ugly do not exist but only do so in the duality of our mind's perception. Holistically, all is there for a perfectly valid reason or completely not there for a perfectly valid reason manifest as Synchronicity! Perfectly timed, perfectly placed, perfectly connected!

If we were to revisit the original 30+ HQR Socratic dialogues what we would find is that even these humble thoughts have been expressed within them. Everything is connected with everything else and that is the "Grand Narrative" of our existence. Once we are able to recognise the Quantum nature of Energy, the Relativity of our existence suspended in an illusory -- disconnected -- duality of the mind (an entrapment) and that our true essence, the spirit, is Holistic and no different from the Cosmic Origin of the entire universe and beyond -- The Supra Universal Consciousness -- we are then able to recognise that Holistic Quantum Relativity = Spirit Mind Connectivity.

Within the dynamic HQR of our trinitised existence: The Father is the Supra Universal Consiousness (Divine and Primordial Awareness at all Eight planes); The Son is the Universal Consciousness (Director of Mental Awareness at Three lower planes); and The Holy Ghost is the Consciousness (Individual Spirit or Soul's Awareness entrapped at a restricted number of lower planes or a single plane depending on Gravity of attachment).

The moment the Spirit recognises that it is none other than a part of the Supra Universal Consciousness and acts as such, the duality imposed by the mental faculties is removed step by step. There is a rich narrative of connectivity going all the way back to creation put together Holistically with perfection, Quantised by Time and Energy, and then re-presented as Relativity as a Space-Time Continnum connected across multiple planes, which we cannot externally visualise as ONE, but only in our within and then alone via our "Rising Consciousness" that:

"Yes! We are indeed all One-in-All and All-in-One!"


. ONE Creator.Name Truth.Sole Doer.Fears None.Without Hate.Never Dies.Beyond Birth-Death.Self-illuminated.Realised by Master's Grace.Ever True! - Mula Mantra (Root Chant)

To witness the One-in-All, and the All-in-One! To listen, learn and love!


DK and Family

To connect directly with:

. DK Matai:

. Open HQR:

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. @G140:

. mi2g:

All "Early Morning Thoughts!" can be found at The Holistic Quantum Relativity Group:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friends in Low Places...

So there I was wandering aimlessly around the Facebook as usual last night when I stumbled across this.

Now then, crazy as it sounds, it gave me an idea...

What if we could set up a U.N. organization that makes microloans to citizens of developing countries directly from the World Bank?

Basically the sane thing Kiva is doing, but on the ultimate international, goodwill, 'save the world' level.

I sounds crazy, but if I ran the world...9/10 of the problems I see could easily be fixed. On a slightly related note...WTF is this?

Do other countries have this same problem with such low-intellectual performance meeting such socially destructive lustful behavior?

How's that working out? Granted, it tortures me just to read the back of L.A. Weekly or watch porn and see people whoring themselves out...but come the fuck on. Really?

Boss King? Really?

Brace yourselves...then read this.

Then watch this. (If you already have, just re-watch it as needed until it sinks in.)

I realize none of these are technically my problems to worry about, but when I see glaring problems...because they are blatantly thrown in from of me, I typically automatically start devising solutions whether I want to or not...and between the crap getting thrown at me on TV and the crap getting thrown in front of me on Facebook and online...God help me...and since God is 'us'...I think we can do better as a species.

If you were God, what would you do? Count on the monkey-like humans in high places to solve the problems? With the way the current system is designed? It is literally not the 'leaders' job to actually worry about saving the future of human civilization on this planet, noooo...they are too worried about money.

The irony of course is they already have so much of it compared to most they should be ashamed for behaving so selfishly...but that's not most human behavior, and in the meantime the current ruling system is designed to condition the opposite human behavior.



Well, I figured I'd throw it out there.

I've already started dreaming up my '1' branding long it will take to make reality match the 'visionary' '1'?...that I can't tell you.

Sorry for getting sidetracked by the girl...I thought she might have been sent as the catalyst/fuel for my 'ideological rocket' I built over the last few years...but between her reality and mine and the Facebook 'interference'...I don't even know what to believe at this point.

In other political news I haven't been paying attention to...

Healthcare reform?

Yeah, we need it.

Breeding licenses?

Yeah, we need them.

F*ck it...use my own family as an example. Hanging out with my half-sister and her offspring yesterday underscored that point in a frightening way. It's nothing personal, it's just, she should NOT have had kids in the context she did...and watching the domino effect of f*cked up parental role models and circumstance is hard for someone like me to watch.

Bringing kids into this world in a non-stable environment should be a crime...but instead we actually reward the f*cked up behavior and welcome more problems into our society with things like welfare. I'm not saying we shouldn't have compassion for our fellow humans, I'm saying we should have the upmost compassion for them and the rest of society by designing and implementing intelligent rules that encourage and reward the 'right', responsible behavior...not the 'other' WTF shit I see far too often.

I wonder if and how much the government has supported 'Boss King' in his lifetime...that's where I start asking questions about where we are as a society outside of the relatively-insulated class system.

There are so many amazing and 'normal', kind, hard-working, loving people in the world...why do we continue to tolerate such f*cked up behavior from some?

It's all relative...but just watch...with Google-type technology I'll be able to measure and graph this shit one day...and maybe the world will wake up and take evasive action before it's too late and we've crossed a very ugly tipping point.

Hope everyone is having a Super Sunday!

Talk to some people...get back to me.

Carry on.


- AES -

P.S. While driving to the beach this morning I passed a crowd of people in a park adjacent from the beach. They were surrounding a statue of Mary standing in what appeared to be a sea shell. I thought, wow, that's interesting. I wish I could believe in things that completely only make sense in an imaginary way too. And it once again dawned on me that the modern-day human condition is ironically still one of MASS DELUSION dating back millenniums. Talk about living in the Dark Ages. I've been tortured by this understanding and my church experience as a child my entire life. It imposed a moral belief system that I actually believed in...only to experience other people using it as complete hypocrites. Then realizing the entire storyline is completely insane but believed by so many in the world... But insane compared to what? Yeah, I know. Crazy people and b.s. everywhere in God's name when God = The Truth? How unholy is that? What's the point? Where is reason? Where is logic? Where is honesty? Where is understanding the world in which you are blessed enough to live? Can we not mix believing in some 'Divine Power' with a bit more common sense? Just so I can have a 'group belief option' or two that don't test my sanity? Jesus says hi. Can we seriously not do much better? I can.

P.P.S. Bonus blast from the past to add some REAL light to the conversation. Push the button --> 'X' Now all we need do is analyze peoples' words and in comparison to the reason they say them.

P.P.P.S. Bonus bonus. --> 'V' Something I stumbled across while searching for that previous article I referenced.

Addendum: Damn. See, I told you so.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lose Your Fear etc.

Went and watched my sister's band 'Lose Your Fear' play in Venice Beach this evening...

It was interesting. They are actually kinda good though. Hmmmm...

This is just a thought marker to remind myself to recant the story later on for the autobiography.

Nothing too thrilling, but it's cool to get out amongst the crowds once in awhile.

Safely home. Being mature and low-key, just chilling at the house on a Saturday evening in my state of Zen as usual.

Miss me?

You know the story.

I'll be around...


- AES -