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Friday, August 21, 2009

The LCD is in sight.

The 'Lowest Common Denominator' that is.

So, you know I've been tinkering with my whole '1' world branding plan since day one basically right? "Friends, 21st century Romans, Countrymen - lend me your ear or rent it out to me like a media voice-over set to pictures for varying amounts of time as needed..." That whole Alexander the Great meets Jesus plan for my '1'world umbrella religion? Oh, you don't know anything about that chapter? That's why I'll have to redo this as a book at some point. Anywho, the idea is an idealized world working conceptual model that's better than WTF is going on now...and that takes a universal key to solve.

Not the 'One Love' community per say...had never even really heard of or done much research into it, but it sounds cool...just not very sophisticated. The '1' World plan of mine to symbolically get everyone on the same page by making that page blank and my logo symbolize a mirror, allowing that person to paint their own personal beliefs onto it provided they document and understand where their beliefs come from...and where key others come from as well. First-hand understanding or the desire and willingness to experience it.

So, I've actually come up with some pretty profound schemes on things...which is something to work with even if my 'guardian angel' isn't exactly playing the role well.

God, if I can only start taking things more seriously and try a little designs are aimed on: TOP SECRET




Here's an interesting piece of what I consider 'abstract poetry'. Now this is an interesting filter to apply to things... Very impressive Neil, whomever you are...

Subject: "Duality"

its okayyyy if
sometimes u see darkness
just remember it teaches us what light is
and how much we miss it
when the absence of presence
eternal resting place of all aquatic bodies
i am every and nobody
i know everything and nothing at all
i am hate and i am love
fear and trust
pain and bliss
love and lust
sex and a kiss
i AM what has been seen
what will always be
what will never become
the slumber of delirium
I AM the illusion of a reality that we think we are in
I AM the confusion of duality of war where no one truly wins
I AM the pollution of intellect and youth where we believe all we do is a sin
I AM the fusion of like minded souls who together will transcend
I AM spirituality and organized religion!!!
I AM the perception of consciousness manifested into this dimension!!!!!
I AM the lesson transcend fear and aggression achieve ascension!!!!
I AM the New World Order
I AM the world full of borders
testing my commitment to the recycled universe!!!!!
I AM loyal and I have betrayed
lied, killed, pillaged, loved, torchered...
hated, lusted, trusted, incarnated and nurtured...
all experiences... in these universes...
you and I are all of this
I AM the perfect circle... split by the white light
and twisted to form the infinite...
you see... I AM all that IS....

<3 achieve enlightenment for euphoric bliss

- neil

P.P.S. Watch out, ceiling cat is watching you!

P.P.S. Random bonus video!