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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So it occurred to me there I was on Facebook preaching and running out of room in the 'What's on your mind?' box, then I remembered I had a blog for just such purposes.

Hey, I go through phases. I wonder if God designed behavior to default into that 'cycle' to test a range of options? Like the evolution of trial and error until an acceptable level of success and happiness is achieved.

The crazy part is, if you give me a box and the internet I'm set.

That says something - because imagine if every person on Earth adopted that mindset simultaneously.

Anywho, so life finds me watching the Daily Show and bitching about politics...but only through the observation that I haven't been paying attention to politics because apparently it's upset me that much. :(

Here's what inspired this entry:

was just upset by the realization I've become so disappointed by the condition of the political system in America I've just started 'blocking it out'/ignoring it. It's not like it's in my job description right? I must be more disenchanted with the media than I thought because Obama gave an interview to all major networks - and I'm only learning of it from the Daily Show. Yeah, that's the condition of history in the world today. Actually, that is the one cool thing about technology - it records a level of 'reality' unprecedented in the course of human evolution. History probably won't be nearly as romantic from this point on, but much better. The depth of human history being recorded now is exponentially more vivid in POV detail, and in diagramming how human groups interact. I think I need a political psychiatrist - I seem to feel disenfranchised - ooooh that stupid government bailout. The key question is, where are people going to vent that?

Nevermind. I'll blog about it...


Tah dah!

See, I'm a man of my word.


Now Colbert is on and they're making 'the second coming of Jesus jokes'...

...which makes me think of lyrics even rappers wouldn't pull...


Anywho, I'll spare us. The Daily Show got an Emmy over the Colbert Report?

Well, it's a free country.

Although I love the 'feel free to call to apologize' skit.

Dear business people, if you're going to advertise your web address while being exposed on a show as powerful as the Colbert Report, make sure your servers are up to the challenge ahead of time.

Just a PSA for future reference.

Interpret things allegorically if you wish.

Alright kids...go back to bed America, your government is in control again...



- A -

Bonus! Cool song from back in the day.

Bonus 2! Same song with a different mix and cooler video.