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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elvis is in the building.

So, let's see...where to begin after taking such an extended hiatus?


Seen any good politics lately? Only in your dreams?

I can relate, but there are some high points since last I reported from the front lines of my life experience...and here we go...

So, in typical true-to-life fashion, after much debate I allowed peer influence to affect me into jumping through the hoops to get a medical cannabis card. It's one of those things I'd pondered in the past, but I'd largely forgotten about it in the same way I had forgotten about the whole drug war/medical marijuana debate as it didn't seem to affect my life. Nonetheless, at some point I signed up for the national chapter of NORML's Facebook page. I presume as an indirect result, a few weeks ago I was randomly befriended by Cheryl Shuman. Cheryl is an exceptional lady who just happens to be in the process of opening a Beverly Hills chapter of NORML beyond her other unique business endeavors...and as such makes a very interesting Facebook neighbor. Given the compelling and understanding nature of her story and apparent caliber as a human being, suddenly the 'Great California Medical Marijuana Debate' was brought to my attention...

...with a different face and story...

...and a few weeks later... we are.

Me writing again if nothing else... Right? Write? I'm trying...

So, there I was, there I was, there I was with my appointment set for today, October 29th at 1:30. Showed up. Filled-out paperwork. Walked down really long hall of unoccupied offices to a very straightforward Asian doctor. Without the specific note from my normal primary care doctor he only gave me a three month clearance, but when I have it faxed over or bring it by I'll have a full year of legal protection for my $150. I also see why it's called the 'green rush' as so many businesses are suffering while others are making fortunes as fast as they can write. I guess one doesn't truly appreciate how much doctors and the healthcare system make unless you see a very basic grassroots model like that in action. And they take Medicaid.

No worries though. This pseudo-legal version appears far superior to the way 'the game' is run on the street. The more intelligent, responsible people you associate with something, the better the results are most likely going to be.


Judge Gray's Argument

You'll be pleased to know the legal option and experience seems not only fairly reasonable ('cept maybe the price$ ;), but far superior, convenient, and easy. Not only having options, but having 'experts' give you simple suggestions seems like a brilliant approach to self-medicating. It just backs up all the points I've been making, but at the same time I do realize the legal paradox regarding profit from such endeavors.

Granted, one must realize that profit is just forced back onto the street if the operation is shut down, but I do see how they could totally be operating as serious money trees...and how that kind of cash flow could be considered criminal because it's so easy...and in a non-profit? When profit is being poured on by God and the human condition alone as the doctor's office line testified? Totally normal, harmless, Jay-Z-NASCAR loving people though. But seriously. How's that for common ground? lol Jay Z. Nascar. That would make a great alias. Well, at least on the flip side I don't think the model is driving anyone to marijuana or dangerous behavior, and it might be significantly improving the lives of otherwise law-abiding perfectly harmless citizens trying to escape the pain of everything from cancer to the just possibly man-made recession-grade terror. Which is a positive impact on society as far as I can see.

While I'm on the subject I'd like to also officially thank Obama for his generalized blanket protection regarding this matter. The catalyst can be debated, but the realization is profound.

It's amazing the difference a token cakewalk can make in helping people help themselves. No seriously. Sometimes a little advice, direction, and encouragement can go a long way. Other times a simple recommendation will do. In this case, either way it seems to have worked out for the better. So, as Elvis would say - Thank ya very muuuch!

More undoubtedly to follow...

The rest of the nonsense parade has been on Facebook as usual. Off-line I'm still juggling career directions while dreaming up satirically epic campaigns of one sort or another. After putting it off for a few months I finally decided to sell Pepe the BMW and managed to do so immediately upon trying. My life is funny like that. I put some things off thinking they will be a huge ordeal...and then it takes me much less effort than expected to do it. Hmmm... Helped my sister put together her new store in Malibu since last I wrote as well. Interesting. I must say it looks pretty cool though. She's calling it bLank. She said I'm free to design stuff and sell it there if I like, so throw one more option on the table of things I could, would, should and might be doing if I get around to it.

Alright, I guess that's enough. It's totally annoying and boring talking about myself, but I figure this is the closest thing I have to a diary...and I may as well at least make Cliff Notes of where and what I've been up to here and there.

The political rhetoric you might typically expect from me is frustrated by the only apparent option of choosing between what I believe to be several non-working options...but maybe I'm wrong and Stephen Colbert's lines of satirical truth are too.

God help us.

Well, at least today I saw one thing working in an improved way and can now benefit from it. Hopefully you were as lucky.


- A -

Oh damn...Halloween is on Saturday eh? Ha. I just had an idea... I could go as a Canadian. Because I found it humorous my old boss dressed as a Canadian when he traveled to avoid airport security scrutiny. Meh. Alright, guess you had to witness it. Coaster is going as an Obama Zombie. I could go as a Tea Bagger holding a sign telling people to 'inform' the zombie about how their political beliefs are superior...but a Canadian seems easier. Wait. Don't have a Canada shirt. Nevermind. Back to the drawing board... K. I'm done for now.