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Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Yeah Right... Merry Star Wars-mas wreath - Holy Kaw!

Actually...OYR...Hmmm...That's strangely perfect...

Oh yes, where was I...

Oh yes, taking the 'random internet peer influence/advice' to use my imagination when watching movies that are in fact nothing but allegorical reflections of reality to begin with, suddenly leaving not only us, but the entire rest of the world floating in that same damn sphere of Disney-like imagination coupled with Preacher Billy-like motives, and not even existing in reality as the blod clearly states while STILL freaking busy lost at space camp trying to find SOuls I can trust beyond any of the insane behavior I've experienced from what happened when I first through the rescue flare leash into the sky back in 06 and starting making my lists and plans and requirements, so by the time your actually find reflections of the peer groups you, come to think of it, never even had in college while trying to 'save' waffle house waitresses only to have the horrific nightmare of beyond-worst-case-scenarios line-up where it turns out seemingly patently false or not-completely-equivalently apparent relationship dynamics in fact existed between my parents...leaving me somewhere in that 30 wake of WTF and Cynderella Complication Syndrome...but this is America...and I grew up in rural Texas...not I had to learn about some other things the hard way but still refused to ever give up on my Dreem or Myself because it's not like I have a choice, so a blah, blah, blah...

One minute it's "Hey believe in Star Wars, we already landed on the moon and apparently the entire world or at least space was upside down and in a vacuum since the 1940's anyway so whatever because what kind of role model or referenceis that to even begin from right", and the next it's "oh, blah, blah, blah" people saying whatever their brains are thinking or have gotten lost in while dreaming about Star Wars, and the meantime DWTS still exists and Jersey Shore is s still leaking into the minds of a considerable percentage of the programs of the whatevers they actually expect me to somehow want to save, but there seems to be some sort of weird Fight Club 'blanket/bubble of silence' going on around Justin Bieber and I think that explains why Lady Gaga is doing so well simply by burning the bodies and souls of poor hoomans that lie (or is it lay?) next to her and having encountered faaaaaar too many things like that that I never signed up for nor could have conceived existed, I think it's time we find some more better protective behavior standards and examples, because clearly the nightmares (and real-life blanketity blank gosh darn femme fatales) have affected me to the point that I hide behind the virtual examples of other blanks simple for the purpose of protecting myself from the status quo behavior influence when the people I first trusted with the gem only through the previous nightmare-grade cast back in it.

F7ck that. That is the social relativity I escaped to nothing from, and yet I'm clearly still not Master of the Universe yet, so the more better friends I have willing to break us all out of the insane vortex of having to sit there on stage watching what's his face perform 'crazy' with an orchestra of gosh darned storm troopers while being for to deny they exist to each single person as an individual bubble...


Why is everything painted green?

What are we going to replace or at least upgrade Christmas with?

It's gotten to damn ridiculous.

Would someone please page Princess Leia and tell her to let me out of the damn simulator already?

In the past series of missions in it they f7cked up the programming model so bad it makes a mockery of the entire god damn system and seeming rightfully so.

Ain't that right R2?

Merry Star Wars-mas wreath - Holy Kaw!