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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don't let 'em say... ain't beautiful...

Alright, so it looks like Eminem's new album might have merit to it after all...

What I listened to before, with the exception of 'We Made You', didn't impress me...but I like this.

In other news...

So where have I been?




I'm learning a lot of random stuff if nothing else. Will it help me conquer/'save' the world?

Mmmmm...errrrr...well, it's kind of one of those 'save the world in your own mind' kind of belief systems I think...which obviously isn't all bad...but, just like church, it does make one wonder where the preaching meets reality. lol

So far, so good though. No, seriously, the entire storyline is incredibly dumb in one regard...but if it happens to work out...then it's fairytale-kind-of-dumb and that's mad cool.

Sue me.

So lets see...the global political scene I'm supposed to still be giving a f*ck about? (sigh) The number that scrolled across the bottom of my screen the other day was 27.x Trillion.

Wow. In truly comical form the way everything else fits into the story perfectly...what a pathetic way to introduce the news of capitalist Armageddon.

You know kids...with all due respect...WTF?

WTF? Who the f*ck taught you how to design a pyramid? You're pyramid looks a bit more pointy than the symbolism would otherwise indicate. I'm just saying...

Heard any good jokes lately?

Why did Allen go to get his passport renewed?

Because it doesn't expire until the end of April 2012...but for some reason I thought it expired this year and had unknowingly altered would-be travel plans b/c of it...


WTF Allen?

I know!!!!

I told ya'll my head has been in the clouds lately. can thank Stella for that.

Sorry...I'm easily distracted.

But yeah, everything else is great...

Hope all is well with you as well... writing has really suffered huh? long as it really isn't all pivotal in...

...I assume everyone knows where I stand and why by now anyway...

Carry on.