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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not-so-bad advice.

Courtesy of Facebook 'friends'...

When you love yourself you are being selfless*

Energy is such an interesting concept. When people are happy there is an electric exciting energy in the air. When children are carefree and curious there is an innocent and delicate energy in the air. As we move into the summer, remember to take time to feel the energy around you and to come alive with it. Maybe it is you that is causing this rich fun energy. Go with that energy no matter what other energies cross your path. This healing energy illuminates the world and aborts all forms of darkness, sadness and suffering.

The animals know this energy as they are naturally aware of it. Children are aware of it, the universe is this energy. As we expand as a species we begin to realize that this is our path as a whole. Our path as human beings is to love as a whole no matter what. To not choose fear, not be tainted by hate and to move into higher levels of consciousness. For some this is a tall order but for others this is the only reality- the reality we are in now*

Maybe you are witnessing this lit up energy around you. Whatever way you are feeling this magical energy know that it is no mistake that you are feeling it. You are feeling this divine energy for a reason. You were born to experience joy, manifest abundance and have ecstatic pleasures. It is all the same, positive energy, no matter if it's coming from you or other beings is it's own energy force and part of the whole.

Connect with your God/Goddess energies for a moment. Tap into them, take your time~ What are they telling you in this particular moment. Are these energies happy or sad. Do they need more attention and love or are they feeling content with the attention you have given them? Continue to give the God/Goddess energies your attention, love and care. When you feel them crying out to be heard, listen to there cries. Just like your soul, your God and or Goddess needs to be heard and understood.

Are you taking enough time to connect with your body? Are you taking enough time to connect with your spirit? By creating an awareness of some of the needs you might have both physically and spiritually you begin to create levels of healing that on some level you new were possible, however now you see they are. Also, mentally- are you ok? Are you able to express yourself to someone who cares? Are you happy or sad.... do you take vitamins, have a doctor...

Being aware that your healing process can be accelerated by checking in with the body, checking in with the spirit you realize that there is so much more to life than errands and bills. Yes, these things do need to get done but if the fine tuning within the soul is overlooked as well as the body, you better believe you will be out of balance and most likely develop some kind of ailment.

The universe is in perfect harmony and wants you to be the same way. Thank yourself for checking in with your body and your spirit. Lay down and take in a nice deep breath~ hold it and release through the mouth~ Do this another 3-6 times this evening. Soothing energy~ As you lay down realize that you are not your thoughts. You have the power to shape your life into anything you want it to be. The thoughts you have do attract what comes into your life as The Secret describes so beautifully.

Give yourself the gift of a 10-20 minute meditation as you unwind from your day. You are here to love yourself and love other beings. As you get up to sit in your meditation (set your timer) hold a stone or two you desire for your meditation. Slowly realizing: I am not my thoughts of the day, I am not my thoughts ever. The thoughts I have do attract what I want and don't want. I have the power to change my life by my positive, loving and healing thoughts. I am not my thoughts of the evening. I am a being of light and as I move deeper and deeper into my expanding awareness I connect with my higher self, my higher power. Love, oneness, eternity, divinity, grace, healing and
protection, unity, peace of mind, serenity, bliss and ecstasy*



Don't you just love the asterisk*?

* = lol