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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank You Stephen...

...and Company.

I like retroactive entertainment that blurs the line like that. Stellar genius guys.

Don't worry, I'll explain that quote's origins in the future if need be in case everyone isn't following my every whisper on Facebook...which is where I track myself if there is anyone reading this blog that doesn't know of my Facebook if there is anything I say or do worth reading...

Way over due.

But the question is, had I not double-linked it, how many of you would have ever noticed the screen name? That wouldn't mean it wasn't there right?

(insert God-like entertainment/comedy)



Jeff Goldblum is dead.

Well, at least is seems certain like minds felt the MJ 'blanket' was a bit too much more important than other current events in world history...

But tell them what they've won Allen...

Ummm...we won't even go into political ideology land tonight.


There. Happy? cute, I retract the claws all diplomatic like because I really want to see the world succeed...and damn, man, you know...being me, it's tough to look around the world and be okay with it, because I have a tendency to try and 'solve' the problems others seem to prefer ignoring.

That is not a sustainable model children. Model the story, then make it a happy one while still trying to end up where it needs to end up. I can't even imagine looking back on this in 10 years, because when I look back on my life in any past context I start laughing my ass off.



P.S. Guess what I learned how to do today? ✧

P.P.S. Can we have a talk about role models? Why is that Allen?