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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation: Cynderella

'A seat at the table'

And once again welcome to the this edition of the craziest shit I ever heard...

from Allen...

this week...

that might also be one of the most brilliant and yet simplistic G-D ideas of all time...

Oh? What's that? You wanna know why it's called Operation: Cynderella?

Y = Why...and you just asked why. Get it?

...just a step or two ahead... already knew that key to the symbolism, but you wanted to know where oh where and how did the Cynderella character just pop into the story?

Because I had the brilliant idea for my plan to save the world...or at least build the model to do it...while washing dishes.

My life went from dishwasher = taken for granted to WTF happened to the dishwasher?

Actually that's happened to me a few different times in life but it always goes back to living in a circumstance with a dishwasher one way or another.

There's actually a beyond-brilliant actual sub-text to this story, but only if it works out of course. I love hypothesizing things that seem impossible and then turning them into 3D living, breathing reality.


So...there I was pondering some of the recent groups I've joined on Facebook and how to potentially use them to their full capacity. There was a bit of comically mis-directed drama associated by some to the whole scheme...but I think it's largely unfounded for my purposes. I mean, since when is the UN a bad thing? Some (very intelligent actually) dude's all trippin like blah, blah, blah...and I just think he is an antagonistic thinker instead of a builder/designer like me. He doesn't understand the UN is exactly the tool we (or at least I) need.

(lightning strike)

OK. Now this whole plan is going to need some ingredients, and remember, it's comically delusional in the first place, it's not like we could create an international economy-stimulating plan to model the entire world digitally.

Bear with me. This isn't as impossible as the insane amounts spent on military technology. So much destruction of so much of man's glorious efforts invested...

For what? Because you couldn't design a better global control system to protect them?

WTF? Grrr... I'm not a destroyer, I'm a designer.

Every time you destroy something, you destroy the meaning of all the heart and soul that was put into it. Life wasted that need not be. That is obviously not efficient, as well as being very painful, which ultimately leads to more than a small fraction of the world's most serious problems. Mind you, I understand all serious problems are relative, but I also understand the escape from them feels equally liberating.

Improvement is improvement.

Now then, what if we could design a way to offer humanity more of that in real life, so less of it will need to be demanded from the spiritual level? Not that there's anything wrong with the spiritual level, but if you more closely aligned the spiritual level globally... That could be cool huh? It should become more automatic as man is more in harmony with the planet and his own natural programming spectrum.

See, humans are funny creatures. And from this point on, humans no longer exist. Only monkeys. For the purposes of our modeling, we will be using monkeys. Monkey representations of humans, but monkeys just the same.

Are you a doctor? No, you're a monkey who thinks you're a doctor acting like a doctor. Is that a Holy man? No, that's a monkey acting like a Holy man. Is that a _______? No, it's a monkey acting like a ________. As Jesus once said: If they're mean to you, just say "nice suit" and keep walking. You know they're just monkeys too.

The idea here is something beyond a real-world Second Life 3D Google Maps Streetview Reality Simulation project. It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds...we're just waiting on the technology...which is coming quick, we just need to figure out how to map and install the model in reality. I guess it's taken a long time for monkeys to become so advanced...although they've been thinking they were advanced for a really long time right? Don't worry, history is going to look back at this and laugh.

(enter the UN)

Why not stick some Google Street View picture setups on the UN vehicles?

Why not create some robot cameras for internet real-time broadcast of...

Whoops! The Daily Show and Colbert Report time.

Detailing my model on how to model and account for every life in virtual reality before changing them in real life will have to wait until later.


P.S. It's funny how I brand cleaning my room 'Operation: Cynderella' just to make myself enjoy doing it. True Cynderella analogy is a story not yet shared. Wow. I've been writing while watching the Daily Show...looks like my A.D.D. is going back and forth between screens. Welcome to my world! lol ;)

P.P.S. The 'Cynderella' aspect is also the ultimate plan to have every person in this world 'accounted for' and a 'seat at the table of humanity' for them. Have different levels of tables in different places to start, but then use technology to coordinate and assist in building new ways. Once everyone has a laptop and a 'seat at the virtual table in my model society', once everything is worked out and tested in the model first (virtually, like a Facebook-type experience) then the world could be instantly reprogrammed and redesigned from the 'inside out'. Call me crazy, but at least give me points for tryin. ;)

P.P.P.S. Now Colbert's on in Iraq...with his new fur cut. I like quality entertainment.