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Thursday, June 4, 2009


On Facebook my friends are media personalities, rocket scientists, and 'alternative' intellectuals from around the world...and I haven't 'whored out' that profile--i.e. just befriended hundreds of people I don't know well.

Conversely, my MySpace 'friend pool' is populated with comedians and relatively high percentage of bimbos relatively speaking?



Apparently just demographics and the law of averages.

O M G the trainwrecks are predictable and comical, yet are still painful to watch.

I mean, as a people watcher, several key elements of the human condition under different circumstances stand out.

It's too bad, because I only find about 1 out of every hundred girls 'cute' enough to even consider, and beyond that, with my moral expectations and intellectual 'projection' level...f*ck.

...and you wonder why I focused on Hollywood as presumably the kind of place I would find 'dreamgirl' because they would have the same ultra-ambitious 'life view' and still be damn good human beings.

I mean really. All I ever wanted was to find a female version of myself or better...but damn, I guess the odds are stacked against me.

Then you throw the ultimate capitalism pyramid scheme mindset on top of the human behavioral fire...and whoosh!


Yeah. I know. That's what I'm saying.

It's all part of the plan.



"this is good though, because it gives me an idea how to fix it"


P.S. Fine. Fuck it. But if I get rich, and then girls like me, how in the fuck can I feel OK about that, because they aren't completely the right type of girls. But I'm in such an 'extreme' position instead of just a 'normal' one, I can't really even test that effectively. Which gives me an idea...

P.P.S. Yes, you may have parts of a wonderful human being in you as well. I feel bad that our society so looks up to attractive people, when if everyone were just attractive and intelligent...would the world run completely differently without the circumstantial conditioning into less-than-ideal behavior patterns? Maybe?

P.P.P.S. I put myself through A LOT, but I am so damn happy to be me. I presume everyone else feels that way too? If not, your mind should naturally adapt to rationalize whatever hand you've been dealt. But the catch is, the human 'internal' range of emotion is controlled by the mind, and with the right 'well-designed' blinders on, things like the Christian 'Heaven is in your mind and doesn't consider material possessions' we just need to update the storyline to make a real difference in the world.

P.P.P.P.S. At least my real life friends are totally normal. lol