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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm just saying...

If it were my Death Star, we would totally be running this shit more efficiently and respectfully.

Sorry. Blame Stephen (or Stephen's writers).

The Colbert Report just said we have a Death Star!!!

Woohoo!!! Doh. Woohoo!!!

Only because I can just start more conversations with 'If it were my Death Star...' instead of 'If it were my planet...'.

Eh, same difference, but he sounded excited about it and they dropped some balloons, so it might be a literary device worth mentioning.

Also, the alternative marriage categorizations he proposed make sense in a sarcastic way, just like what so much of what I occasionally spout does.

Or not.

Whatever dog.

If people got over themselves enough to admit that they may not be right because they don't know any better, then you are 90% of the way there.


Hey. Life experience builds character, although some people have much more amazing characters to start.

I don't like "tough, mean" companies and I don't necessarily like "tough, mean" people unless it's just a front and they're really, really nice to me because my role as a writer is to gauge shit like that. And then I don't let them be pricks to other people, which is why I'm the kind of person that's worth knowing. I have standards.

OK, in the 'non-TV-reflecting' news, I didn't make it to the candlelight vigil for the two Vanguard journalists as I had intended to...but seriously, it's like God didn't want that to happen, so I just turned back home and saved my sanity from the traffic after I only made it to Carson by 5:40 (after leaving my house at 5).

Hey, I took the Google Maps alotted amount of time 'w/traffic', but at the pace I was making, that wasn't going to happen as planned. I guess they don't take rush hour and rain into account in their estimated time estimates, and that's as soon as I could leave.

Oh well, sorry kids, I'll get to meet you guys another time.

My thoughts are with the girls. I tried to spin my 'Dear Leader' rhetoric in the best way possible lest anyone is paying attention, that's the best I can do.

Speaking of perfect storms...

It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday with the coolest looking clouds in the sky. I didn't bring my camera and was on the motorcycle, or else I probably would have taken pictures of them they were so cool....and I'm not the kind of person that thinks about taking pictures of clouds very often. In case you care.

Today it was drizzling and sprinkling on and off all day...until I left for Santa Monica...when it literally started pouring when I walked out the door towards my car.

WTF? I mean really, WTF? This is why I can't believe in God, because if I did, all the other 'what are the odds?' coincidences would make me think God just loves to fuck with me.

Lately I've been worried that my recent life path is still aimed near the spotlight in a possibly 'still misdirected' way. It occurs to me, if I go the talkshow host route, I most likely won't be able to get super-rich from it...but it would be fun and I would be happy...although my previous life plans were always worried about designing epic business models.

When I was in high school, my 'dream' was to start a company, and do well enough with whatever I created that I took it national...and possibly even international.

Then I went to college just to say I did and get a piece of paper, and after that moved to Hollywood.

(change direction and start over completely)

(several times)

See. Here's the kicker. This is where I realize my fragile (super) ego (insecurity) got in the way of my better judgment before.

(enter Allen the model on the catwalk or whatever)

Exhibit A: What the fuck am I doing?

I could never have gotten rich as a male model, it was just to prove some token feeling of importance and that all that time I spent working out was worth something (and to meet really pretty girls) next thing you know, I'm trying to make money looking pretty when I not super-pretty, and ignoring my much more powerful characteristics, that had sense been sidetracked as I was focused on all the wrong shit that I realize I lot of MySpace-type people still do.

...and we won't even get into the stupid fucking club scene...

Bad choices in women. Enough said. Lessons learned.


Why didn't I think about the media option WAY back then?

I could have saved years of wasted life.

Honest to God, didn't know it existed.

Oh well, better late than never.


Real-estate or rolling the dice in Hollywood? Both. ...and maybe design as a hobby.

It just occurred to me I've done extensive research on this before. I should retrace my steps, because although my circumstance changes, my mind used to do pretty damn good at thinking shit out to the Nth degree.

When in doubt, just go back to where you left off before...right?

Alright, I'm rambled enough for now. Been taken notes still...

Thank God for small things right Allen?


But I can't help but keep staring at everything else that's possible anyway.

Call me a dreamer...

'night dreamer!

doveryai, no proveryai