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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Esoteric Catalyst.

So I spent today (Saturday) helping my friend Bron screen his movie to theoretically understand how much work has to be done behind stuff to make it a success...

Which got me thinking...

Anyway, it was cool. Got to see a side of downtown L.A. and and element of the 'urban subculture' that I had never paid close attention to before.

Apparently he's big time in an underground street artist-kind of way within certain circles.

Here's another name for one of my clothing brands --> Secretly famous.

The slogan could be "How high does this thing go?"...and then every time it goes so much higher...whatever it is.

It's just a 'brand concept'...add it to the list...

So, how many lives have you saved lately?

Oh, you didn't realize we were keeping score? Oh, my bad, I thought life was just one huge, funny, quirky test like that?

You know, I watched some interesting documentaries and...(facepalm)...

Damnit, it just occurred to me I've been updating Facebook instead of writing in a more valuable style about my misadventures in life. You know what my problem is?

I'm bored but need 'mentor-type' instruction to hone my ideas into something of a non-stop rain of dumb but occasionally profound ideas and observations on the internets. lolz OMG!


I just figured it out...I'm going to start a lol catz religion just to be a smartass. If I remember tomorrow, which I won't, but if I were a TV writer I could probably throw that idea on the table in sarcastic fashion...and then start deconstructing everything from there.

The 'lol cat' God says.....and then insert whatever point it is you're trying to argue.

I keep telling you, I'm right, and when I'm around smart people...they usually agree with me...

I'm just saying--I think a I understand many sides of things. It can be a blessing and a curse. Well...let's see...where were we...

Calling it a night, because this was just a token entry to try and remind myself what I'm supposed to be doing again...

Here, watch these:

(I don't agree 100% because Mr. Dawkins overestimates people from his own 'genius-type' perspective...that's a key oversight my life is a testament to.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3.+ (for perfect timing see Facebook)

IDEA cat...



Bonus! --> Part 4