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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Bad.

Sorry head has been 'in the clouds' lately in case it wasn't fairly obvious by the night/day difference in my behavior patterns. ;)

Anywho, so where was I/were we?

Oh yes, the world is going to hell in a hand basket with all our eggs in it...

Well, no, actually I have my interview with Current lined up for Friday at noon.

Wish me luck! (and spread some magic my way!)

Other than that...ummm...errr...grrr...

It's hard to explain, because we do not yet have enough factual information to explain things in detail. The 'reflection' thing? Ummm...well, that of course depends on her...the jury is still out. I could tell you the story, but then I'd have to pull you into that whole 2012 and holonomic brain theory debate which strangely enough is now either directly or indirectly associated with the U.N. until I get some more detailed responses as to exactly where the lines are being drawn.

The only problem with games/perspectives like that is it allows one to easily confuse things as well as providing an engaging degree of entertainment and escapism... Sounds familiar huh? You have been paying attention to your TV haven't you? lolol Then again, if you think the God of the bible is responsible for the physical Sun literally 'rising and falling' everyday...we need to have a talk anyway.

And you only thought it was a crazy world...

But as long as everyone is happy and not hurting anyone else to be so, everything is OK.

Don't ask. It's a short but relatively long story that could be amazingly life changing for the better, embarrassingly disappointing for the worse, or end up completely neutral but possibly helpful anyway.

Dude, that's what happens when you let the world get so fooked up that entire countries are 'military states' and the only other options are a sanity-twisting hodgepodge of witnessing pain and suffering from various degrees of insulated luxury or getting past my intense idealized-future-and-self-preservation-aligned scrutiny.

(Yes, I am totally grabbing random things, the true story obviously lies between the lines.)

If you had the international platform and resources some people do... It's somewhat surprising they invest so much time but don't invest time more directly and intelligently towards the ultimate goal. Taking tours of the problem isn't the solution, taking first-hand tours to understand and design a new, better, and complete solution is.

I hate to say it, but I think the problem really isn't that complicated when you cut the bullshit.

So, let's if I remember correctly....what's going on in the world of consequence despite the death of "celebrities"? God, what the fuck is wrong with you monkeys? Does it occur to you, if our society wasn't allowed to come to this fucked up point, it wouldn't be at this fucked up point?...and yet the argument I hear from everyone is that 'compared to the rest of the world'...

WTF? No, seriously, WTF?

Indulgence is one thing. Blind indulgence is something else.

So they are more wrong and therefore that makes us relatively right? Hey, I understand the logic completely, but what the fuck every happened to people like me who say 'fuck everyone else, I'm holding myself to a higher standard'? They get disappointed a lot by other people's reality, but you have to be above it to think like that in the first place. It's all about perspective. Rise above.

Trust me, it beats the circle of rationalization I was enduring from Coaster this weekend. Smart people with a case to make are interesting creatures to watch though. Everyone loves to have their cake and eat it too...but I don't have that luxury...because I treat others as I would like to be treated. Hmmm...don't suppose you've heard of that concept lately?

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of good people in the world...and everyone has good and less-good in various percentages...but all that matters to me is that people are honest and forthcoming with me if I ask them to be. I promise them amnesty in exchange for the truth, and then I write it off and stand by my word. Then you're right back to where you started but at least dealing with complete reality.

I trust me. I can prove myself. If you're a complete stranger with a red flag or two around I don't trust you. Can you prove your character is trustworthy? Isn't that par for the course when it comes to love and war? Baby.

Don't trust words. Trust actions. Allow an explanation of intent if need be.

That said, well, at least it looks like I'm writing while tip-toeing my way towards writing or performing professionally again.

Yawn. Oh yes, I haven't turned on the TV yet today and haven't watched it too much for the last this could be interesting especially because of all the shit I've been talking about international politics lately.

I sincerely wish we could bump the median IQ up 30 points and create a specific 'cookie cutter' model to balance the population to the world's geography in an idealized way...but we haven't hit critical mass yet. I mean, sure, you can just continuing letting the shit breed faster than you can feed it...or you can start creating a system of more intelligent rewards and restrictions.

Are any of these my problems? No, I just volunteered my mind. I can walk away from this whole 'designs on saving the world' thing and live happily in my 'normal life' forever as well...but it does make for unique fun on a level you would have to experience to understand.

And on that note I'm going to catch up with my 'other world' on TV and try to start reprogramming my behavior back to this format instead of Facebook. It just occurred to me there are currently three distinct 'realities' at play. My normal life in 3D, Facebook which is an interesting combination of friendly strangers and real-life friends, and 'TV land' where the writers and producers mix a blur of entertainment and reality...'feedback loop' optional. Interesting.

God some things are SO addictive.

Yay technology!!!!!!



P.S. Hey, check it out... Remember how I've been whining and complaining about the way people misuse the word 'love'("luv") so much in our society for as long as you've known me? Well, interestingly enough, I looked it up the other day and realized the English language might actually be the weak link as much as some peoples' super, sappy, sweet everyday dialog. It's an interesting read -->

P.P.S. Don't worry, this one was supposed to be completely random for my own purposes of reanalyzing at a later date. I like to keep track of myself like that. Don't worry, if it makes it into book/movie form much less world history, I'll go back and fill in the blanks. ;)

P.P.P.S. But, this I can buy.