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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Allyn Tygrrr the Smartassed Paparazzi Stalker

I'll post all the photos from my perspective as soon as I find my memory card reader. In the meantime, in this photo sent to me by Michelle (the intended primary reporter/classmate), I'm on the left wearing the gray baseball cap, black jacket, holding my cell phone up, and smiling! :)

Ironically they kicked us out of the Grove (boo!!! Grove management hypocrisy...I think they must be "on the take") with our cameras and crew, so we just came back and I used a cell phone camera instead. Since we kept the cameras rolling and my mic hot as we were getting kicked out, there is still a chance this most recent misadventure could be cut together into something pretty damn humorous.

It certainly was an interesting and educational day. To be honest, I think the paps get a bad rap. They were cool enough all things considered, and if I were a celebrity, I would find it amusing watching them fall all over each other trying to get "the shot".

Oh the fun one could have with a great sense of humor and a little creativity.