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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

...and I barely made it through college on Cliff Notes...

(an email I just wrote to The Strategy Room {or as I like to call it-"The Strategery Room"}, the online-broadcast, behind-the-scenes Fox News talkshow)

As Congressman Paul is pointing out, there needs to be a much different approach.

How can you understand something unless you know something about it (much less FIRST HAND)?

Being the smartassed "outside the box" thinker that I am, I would have snuck (I guess that isn't technically a word) in a provision allocating at least $500,000 to have a Ferrari airdropped at random under the guise of "research". Wait, I take that back--I wouldn't be that bold--I would simply have them airdrop an American-built, electric powered Tesla convertible instead.

The point of this exercise would of course not be that such an investment is ("completely") necessary, but if such a thing succeeded (it might be really easy with pretty words and last-minute "emergency" deadlines that prevented them from being read in the first place), it would bring light to where THE TRUE PROBLEMS in this country are emanating from --> special interest when certain people are given the power to hand other people's money to others without having any concept of just how precious it is to the well-being of those in "less-insulated" circumstance.

If Ron Paul did something like that "just as a joke", it might illustrate things and gain more attention than all the preaching he's been doing. If he took off the "good guy" mask and put on the smartassed bad guy one just to make a point...well, it is certainly INFINITELY more forgivable and potentially beneficial to the future of the country than the previous bank bailout that was pushed through by BOTH Obama and McCain. To think that people who live and act like Paris Hilton are getting the money (courtesy of the government) from people that live and act like me is frustrating, and all the people need is a lightning rod at this point.

This is probably why I won't be able to run for Congress until "the new Empire" begins...whatever the heck that means.

Hi Judge! Hi Mr. Paul! Hi kids!

BTW...It's pretty funny that you designate the "legs" chair...but yet it makes perfect sense. Seeing the way things work behind the scenes is what makes the Strategry Room so great. What's most amusing about it is--it reminds me of the way the current political system works in a way.