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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parallel thinking...GRRR...WTF?!!!


No, seriously, GRRR...

Notice how I specifically spell GRRR with 1 G and 3 R's. Why? Because it references my somewhat rare personality and was developed as part of my "rap" rhetoric back in the day, but we'll get to that in a minute.

I am upset at the moment.

Why? Because last night when I was minding my own business perusing Facebook to pass the time as usual, a posting popped up from some random "internet friend" I had accepted over the weekend under the moniker "No Left Turn". It's not that I completely agree with that ideology or anything at this point, but even the big boys in the spotlight seem to be allowing anyone interested to befriend them via Facebook, so I just accept random friend requests because it's always interesting to see different people's viewpoints as expressed in their postings.

In this specific instance, the posting was about some article about Darwin written by what I would describe as an "aspiring Republican pundit", S.E. Cupp. I couldn't get into the article enough more than to read a few paragraphs, because it seemed a little--well, for lack of a better word--biased. Anywho, that is pretty much irrelevant. The crux of the story is that accompanying the article was a picture of S.E. Cupp, who happened to be a relatively attractive girl...and at the same point that article popped up, S.E. Cupp herself popped up in the "People You May Know" sidebar of my Facebook page.

Hmmm...interesting. Well, being the curious type, I Googled S.E. Cupp to get some background info on the author. Here was the top hit:
Red S.E. Cupp · Women's Issues
Red S.E. Cupp is the home of S.E. Cupp, co-author of "Why You're Wrong About the .... ... - 156k - Cached - Similar pages -

Naturally, what caught my eye was the "tygrrrrexpress.comblah, blah, blah" part. Until this point I thought my creative radio last name coined out of the blue, on the spot in my radio class was completely unique. So, at first glance, I thought--oh, how cute, perhaps my reputation as a writer/blogger isn't quite as esoteric as I thought...assuming the "tygrrr" reference was somehow related to me and my last few years spent bombarding the media and later whatever mystery audience I had with pretty intense commentaries and radical proposed solutions based on my personal life experience. The link takes you to her webpage, which I quickly browsed and then went to sleep with the impression that she was intelligent, yet not exactly what I would call and independent thinker--having a viewpoint that seems to come from a sheltered and thereby relatively one-sided, "red" environment.

No worries, I came from a similar environment myself--so I can relate and understand where she is coming from even if I don't necessarily agree with her on all points after seeing what I have seen. I went to bed thinking that somehow my reputation preceded me, but that I would get around to exploring the details in the morning.

Fast forward to this morning when I went through the usual motions and then picked up where I left off last night--or so I thought.

Upon closer inspection, it appears "The Tygrrrr Express" (with 4 R's) has nothing to do with me, and is some secretive right wing writer whose viewpoints are what unfortunately could give Republicans that "selfish, self-centered, self-righteous asshole" label from an outside perspective. Doh!

Damn, I mean, I know I have been told that I am perceived as cocky at first, and I know I damn sure talk about myself a lot these days (it's one thing I know the most about that seems to be giving me the most problems lately--lol)...but I am far more compassionate towards others and willing to openly discuss any and all viewpoints.

This "Tygrrrr Express" blog I discovered comes across as far more abrasive and "toeing the Republican line" at first glance.


This is NOT good. Here I pride myself on flooding the world and media stream with my myraid of original ideas complete with esoteric symbolism and highly layered, often complex hidden meanings from which they are derived, and by pure coincidence some other guy has been using an almost identical spelling of the name Tygrrr...the only difference being 1 R? What are the fucking odds of that?


Well, this is damn sure an interesting scenario. Apparently the guy's name is Eric and he has no readily posted contact info, so I can't even send him a WTF email, but his blog has been in existence since March of 2007, so there apparently may be a very real chance his and mine are two completely separate entities that have had no knowledge of each other's existence. I sure as hell have never heard of this guy until last night, and to be honest, am quite disappointed that one of the personal brands I have been developing could so easily be mistaken for this guy. Oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles. At least it turns out he is using 4 R's not 3, and my entire name and that "tiger" aspect of the imagery comes from a totally different place dating back to the 7th grade for me, and has been in use for years in my writings.

I highly doubt any of this information is relevant enough that anyone cares to have read this far, but just in case, for the sake of future trademark protection, allow me to explain where my "Allyn Tygrrr" radio name comes from. As it mentions in the first line of the description, this blog is just my scratchpad of life, so forgive me if this content is written only for my own venting and peace of mind even if it is of no interest to anyone reading it.

Firstly, when given that "If you were an animal, what animal would you be?" question back in junior high, I thought about it for a moment, and then replied "a white tiger". Why? A white tiger is beautiful, strong, perceived as passive (but not when necessary), "master of his environment", and, most of all, rare. That was it. No more, no less that I can recall.

Anywho, fast forward to decades later where, as an adult, Allen has decided he is a creative genius and is using his little ant brain to create epic, surreal storylines to try and affect the world for the better. The "tiger" theme has come up throughout my campaign as my chosen political animal (compared to donkeys and elephants, it is naturally one that gets listened to), and when combined with my natural childlike take on things, was developed into a puppet character that I won't get into the details of describing further since now I am begining to fear true, unacknowledged and uncompensated theft of my real "gem" ideas.

I always like to think that I have such a seemingly limitless ability to create new ideas that I need not fear having a few taken here and there or sharing them openly because I have a thousands more saved up and thousands more where those came from, but now this has got me concerned about outside forces "diluting" my image and potential branding. Nonetheless, if nothing else, there is ample evidence of my creative ideas and their original genesis throughout my story, so I'm not afraid of anyone actually trying to steal credit for what I've created.

Which brings us to the other part of the equation. "I'm rated triple R bitch."

Do not take offense, for that was just part of my "rap persona" and lyrics I wrote but never finished a few years back. In trying to truthfully describe myself by drawing clear lines as to what I stand for and what I do not stand for in life in the context of "aggressive" rap lyrics, the "triple R analogy" was my answer to XXX in describing my feelings on such things. God knows I've seen a lot more of the Hollywood fast lane than most people, but my true persona is much more respectful when it comes to sex and passion then to pay for it or take instruction from whores on film above my own adventurous, fun-loving, and curious intellect. Since XXX represents porn which equates to having disrespectful by default sexual interaction with others, I rated myself as RRR instead. As a blessed human being I obviously have the proven ability to perform "like a porn star", but yet I am disgusted by people who do porn because they do not have respect in our society, and have willingly traded in long term-happiness and respect for short-term pleasure, something that I completely disagree with, and that is a bigger turn-off than it is a turn-on.

Sue me.

Yet in the "rap game" one is required to put forth a strong image of just what they are capable of, and my approach is to entertain and improve society with my words and actions not destroy it like so many others, so RRR was a clever way of putting that "I am a badass" but "I limit who gets to experience that" together in a creative way. It also had hints of inspiration from my crotch rocket (which I was using as an analogy in one of the songs on the subject) which happend to be a CBR900RR at the time--RR denoting "very cool and fun" in my mind.

Since another side of my apparently overly-creative personality could be considered "G" rated in its ability to always give people and things close to me innocent and humorous animal-like pet names and characteristics (probably dating from my Sesame Street childhood, I relate really well with Disney films too) , the G was a perfect prefix. My personality basically covers the full spectrum, and GRRR was a clever way of presenting that.

When it came to creating a "professional" radio name to use on the air, I was put on the spot (I had the time it took to fill out the sheet and turn it in in class), and so I naturally combined things that were close to my mind at that point in time. The alternate spelling of Allen as Allyn and Tiger as Tygrrr simply was another creative attempt pointing out how things that sound the same can be different, and the audience would never no the difference. In doing so I was tongue-in-cheek poking fun at people who use the word "luv" interchangeably with the world "love", and that is one of the most basic covers I have noticed people using for a deceitful nature here in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.

So, in summary, I am my own man, please do not confuse my writings or opinions with any similarly-named nonsense.

(As if you read this far...)

That is all.

As you were.