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Friday, February 6, 2009


It's too bad Michael wasn't using the drug in a more respectable way (i.e. spiritual/creative vs. frat party-ish), because he could use his overnight popularity in a "martyr-type" context.

BTW...oh, YES, my parents would have condemned the living hell out of me had I attempted such a thing (which is why I've had so much drama in the wake of my obviously relatively well known by now storyline).

Sadly, the reason they would be so tragically judgmental is because they do not have first hand experience with what they are "legislating" on, and consequently have formed their strict opinions along the f*cked up behavior of others. I completely understand that side of the fence, because it is where I came from, and where I boldly, blindly stood until I was in my late 20's. I didn't want to be like the f*ck-ups on drugs, so I piled them all together and looked down on them.

Years later after seeing the Hollywood perspective I decided to reformulate my theories with experience after realizing it is ALWAYS the person that is more of the problem than the inert substance, and the results of my study resulting in realizing the lines are drawn so wrong that they actually create the problem. Very bad things mixed with less-bad things + IDIOTS with no clue what they are doing = a totally FUBAR "war" on human nature and the truth. Some would argue this is a bad thing in the age of instant global communication.

The problem is the people and the context in which things are used, but separating the good, from the bad, from the ugly when people are too blindly opinionated to form first-hand opinions is a Catch 22. With sheriff Roscoe chasing fame on the heals of blind rules. Why not just outlaw lies or sex or beer and start taking notes on the effect in law enforcement personel and on society. Someone needs to command the enforcers more reasonably, or allow them to gracefully avoid causing problems where are arguably are none.

I don't look up to athletes as role models to begin with, and I obviously don't represent the intellectual capacity or thoughtfulness of the average person, but there needs to be some better behavioral role models in America.

Phelps is somewhere in between, but his case might start a proxy battle if it isn't handled reasonably by both sides. They need to create "behavioral" no harm, no foul-type policies regarding soft drugs like weed. It is the lesser of the evil compared to alcohol (just look at the regrettable and dangerous, destructive mindset/behavior one causes versus the other), so it's frustrating that Phelps brought it into the spotlight under such less-than-ideal circumstance, and then totally backed down instead of just openly and honestly using his celebrity to explain his state of mind, feelings on the subject, and obvious peer influences leading to it.

The fact that the system itself can rob the people of millions of dollars while getting up in arms about something as harmless and otherwise positive as a burning bush caught on film is oxymoronic at best. Since the word moron is in that previous word although it might not even be a word according to the spellchecker, it can't be a good thing to have such WTF policies governing.

Require tests, requirements, and training just like concealed handgun licenses, and as long as people act responsibly, does it matter where their state of mind is? Look at religion and compare it to weed, then find a happy medium.



P.S. No, I haven't been by a mosquito in recent history, one of the few benefits of living in the concrete jungle of LA. lol