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Friday, February 20, 2009

The (relative) Size of the Universe Debate (again)

(In response to a blog posting by my Facebook rocket-scientist friend Doug...the address of which is :) For the record, my ADD (my default scapegoat) prevented me from reading the entire thing, but since I'm still stuck on interjecting philosophy and "the human perception of space" into the grand scheme of things, I figure my comments are still relatively relevant to the debate I didn't fully read. lol


The ants still cannot figure out how big the Earth is and are now arguing about which theory is right? Hell, might as well bring "God" back into the equation while we're at it. lol

Personally, I would like to suggest an "agnostic" approach to scientific theories of the universe. Since the bottom line is we simply don't know--because we don't have the technological capability and possibly the intellectual capacity to understand such concepts--perhaps everyone involved should first admit that they are little more than a relatively advanced, yet still clueless monkey before picking sides in any such ultimate argument.

What if the universe is the equivalent of a super-advanced game of Second Life--where the characters are designed to be self-evolving and self-programmed instead of pre-built and directly controlled by a "higher power"?

What if the concept of an all-knowing force exists, but is completely passive and simply monitors the progress of life as it progressively designs itself?

How many Software Engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

None. It's a hardware problem.

What if space ultimately turns out to be the same type of comical scenario except reversed? To be honest, I don't trust the Big Bang theory because it defies what I perceive to be logical in the same way the Bible suddenly just begins all at once. When it comes to things as epic as the concept of space and the size and function of the universe, I don't trust the capability of man's technology to do anything but enhance perception of things. Relatively thinking, it wasn't all that long ago the Earth was flat for Christ's sake, so, all things considered, there is a chance all these theories are completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because we are simply just not advanced enough to remotely understand what we are dealing with yet.

As we understand it, nothing can go on forever, and so until we can find a provable explanation of that concept, I believe we simply aren't nearly as advanced as we often think we are.

It never hurts to try though, and space exploration is good in that sense, although I think philosophy (the "software" part of the equation) may one day become part of our/the quest to conquer space and time.

Ant-brain over-heating...I'm going to go dunk it in some TMZ nonsense to cool off. lol

Hi Doug!