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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yellowdog Democrats and Yellowcat Republicans

So what does it all mean?

(insert creative license)

I'll go ahead and propose the general definition as those that are willing to compromise with the opposing side (or invent a 3rd, completely original solution) to whatever the problem or debate at hand may be.

Now then, I have no clue if this is accurate, but since we all know I own the color yellow as part of my ADD And ADHD Affirmative Action Coalition from last year, hopefully they will only use it in a conciliatory, productive, and efficient manner.

So there I was watching the first prime time presidential address (after the fact, I was in class during the live broadcast), and was amused to see the word "presidential" highlighted in yellow. Although, interestingly enough, it was enough to make me pay attention to Obama's speech (I had otherwise not been paying as much attention to politics as usual lately as I was just letting the Obama team make their own decisions before entering the fray).

What I found most amusing, is that I realized my intended use of the color yellow as a visual reminder of my ADD to help others help me stay focused, instead turned into something of a themed color scheme in and of itself, at which point it seems I became more distracted with seeing the color yellow everywhere then remembering it was supposed to be guiding me towards focusing my creative abilities in a productive and tangible career direction.


Well, the good news is the common thread is apparently well woven between the lines at this point; now I must only reprogram myself to see the color as a reminder to make a list and focus on it rather than focus on the fascination with the use of the color itself. I was going to go as far as to propose asking people to wear yellow ties if they are speaking of things that are highly important and that I need to pay attention to, but then I realized I actually wanted the color to symbolize an arbitration-type mindset politically, so at this point I'm torn.

To anyone actually reading this who has been following me and God knows my trail of unique and often controversial commentaries on current, you will be pleased to know that I am going to make a conscious effort to return my radio show content to higher-level philosophy and politics again this week, not just my random first-hand "state of society" social litmus test demonstrations.

However, for lighter, more amusing entertainment, I may still take the time to regale you with the highlights of stalking the paparazzi last weekend etc.

Since I did note some things on the magic nonsense box that got me scowling this morning, there is a very good chance I may be commenting again as the day goes on.


P.S. I just realized "Yellowdog Republicans and Yellowcat Democrats" technically rhymes better, but since the common denominator was supposed to be the political symbolism of the color not of the arbitrary animal attached to it, I suppose people can make up whatever associations they want as long as it gets us to an improved and sustainable model for American society if not the entire global human condition.

Carry on.