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Friday, February 6, 2009

Brutally Refreshing Honesty

The best part is I had the audio running from this on the computer when Sarah is talking about the "poo" paradox. At the same time, Infomania is on TV silently in the background.

I forgot that, and from the angle I was at, when I looked over at the TV from across the room, I saw Conor's Christian Bale impersonation lip synced to Sarah's poo segment.

That almost inspired me enough to rewrite my editing class project. I so need to to find a way to work with you guys.

I admire your honesty Sarah. I was wondering what the deal with women and "number 2" is anyway. Funny story, one time my ex-girlfriend was in the bathroom for a "longer than made sense" period of time. This is before the misadventures in better living through chemistry, so at this point the delay in the bathroom was more humorous curiosity than anything else.

I knocked on the door, and after getting several comical responses, I stuck my fingernail in the lock and walked in. Low and behold there was Candy, acting awkward, as the toilet seat was down.

I said:

"What's going on?"


"Uh...OOO-K. What's in the cup?"

(she was holding one of those big token cups from the casinos in Vegas and covering it)


(brain goes WTF?)

There is no punchline, except that as the sequence of events came together, it turns out "number 2" had gotten stuck in the metaphorical fishbowl, but then the fishbowl wouldn't flush, so she had removed the small goldfish and apparently had plans to transfer them via Circus Circus cup to an undisclosed location until such time as the toilet could be repaired rather than bare the indignity of having to call me to fix the toilet having seen that she "poo'd" in it.

Sincerely, lol is used too much, but that was a real lol moment.

There is nothing like a hot pseduo-celebrity standing there trying to hide the goldfish from you because that is how some women apparently feel about such things behind the scenes.

Oh, silly, silly humans.

Wanna see WTF I'm talking about?

It's a free country:

If this doesn't make you laugh, there is something wrong with you.