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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 420 Revolution

Sorry, in all honesty that title is misleading, for I have simply decided to randomly consolidate a few minor points into this one short blog entry.

1.) It's tax revolution day or whatever.

2.) My college radio station club is have a 420 party @ 1 p.m. on Monday, 4/20, at the doughnut shop where one of Snoop Dogg's videos was shot @ Cherry & Carson here in Long Beach. There's supposedly a big doughnut on top, so you can't miss it. I take no credit nor blame for whatever small but interesting get together they have planned for I obviously had absolutely zero part in conceiving and designing it, but I will probably be there anyway just for the hell of it and to people watch and laugh.

In case it isn't obvious, I'm not too animated about any of this yet.


The whole 'Tea Party' thing? Well, I watched coverage of it on the news intermittently this morning, but like the doughnut shop operation that was planned, I have serious reservations about the caliber of the scheme and participants.

Too many things have been blurred together, and many of the root problems still are quite ironically not being addressed. It's interesting to see the sheep are somewhat aware and upset that things are so WTF? in Washington these days, but yet they still seem quite clueless about the fallacies of the human condition and control/programming system that have lead us to this point. How do you solve a problem unless you can first clearly identify it?

America has become a country of addicts. Addicted to alluring credit card ads, fine print, their own insulated stupidity and lack of the apparent cognitive skills to really do anything about it.

What do you say to that? You can't save people from themselves. You CAN install regulations to prevent predatory/manipulative/deceitful creatures from taking advantage of the apparently semi-retarded huddled masses...but yet, throughout this entire bailout debacle, you ironically don't see the problems getting solved, just more vulture corporations and advertising models being thrown together to further widen the prosperity gap.

With all due respect, WTF is that?

I saw Obama's scripted tax day revolt rebuttal speech about Alan the business owner's plight followed by the choreographed parade of the "average citizens" obediently following their relatively elected leader out of the press conference in a single-file line...but I have no clue how intelligent or well-informed those people are.

What percentage of them believe virgins have babies and ancient martyrs literally rose from being dead? That is the twisted human condition that I can simply not understand, so trying to pick sides knowing that my hopeful plans to save the world by bringing people to a new level of enlightenment and understanding are doomed to fail. I, like Obama, like Ron Paul, like many thoughtful intelligent men, have undoubtedly mistakenly projected my own world perspective onto the average person rhetorically speaking, and in doing so, greatly over-estimated them.

So now what? To quote the Green Day song from several years back: "I've been around the world and seen that only stupid people are breeding, the cretin's growing and feeding..."

And believing what's on TV is like watching reality through a highly distorted screen.

In a perfect world you could assume the average person has the mental prowess and good looks of your typical TV anchor, in reality you've got guys tying tea bags to their eyeglasses and then being put on the spot on national TV as if only to undermine the belief that individual responsibility functions below the comical 70% passing grade.

And these are the concerned, proactive citizens.

Can you even imagine the ones that fall through the cracks before leaving high school?

The bottom line is America truly represents the full spectrum of the human condition when left to its own devices, and the result is not something that can be labeled as "American" or "un-American" without individualized testing.

All people are not created equal, and when given the same opportunities, all of them obviously don't perform equally, so there is ultimately going to be a growing problem past certain points.

Someone has to protect the good, honest, trusting people from those of superior capacity but ill intent, and our society is grossly lacking in that mechanism. On the other hand, you can just remove any rules and supervision...and, well, I guess you see what happens.

Look at all the different breeds of dogs. Look at how well some behave naturally. Look at how well some are trained by intelligent, knowledgeable, caring owners. Look at what a nightmare others are, more often than not because of the sub-par human responsible for programming them. Those retarded owners can still have 14 kids if they want...and see where this going. How does our society afford to finance such unbridled irresponsibility?

People are no different--although perhaps more complicated and sophisticated in programming.

So, in summary, I'm torn. If the revolt is against the bailouts, count me in. If the revolt is against letting people like Nancy Pelosi give a large percentage of my life away to other criminal business minds as payback for supporting her election, count me in. If the revolt proposes to simply install a different yet myopic set of leaders and rules that don't acknowledge and address where the human condition is failing in certain areas, then what's the point?

I'm going to see if my cameraman is game to go cover some of the local protests. In the meantime, I'm not sure what to think.

Perhaps more to follow. See ya at the doughnut shop...although given the time, place, and context, to quote Obama "I'm not sure what that says about the people" except that they have one or two minor things in common that aren't necessarily bad. On the other hand, some of the other things they don't have in common and invest their time in really makes one wonder.

I guess the proof is in the individualized litmus test.

People are funny creatures, myself included.



Update: So I'm watching Glenn Beck's coverage of the event @ the Alamo, and the whole thing was tolerable and interesting until he suddenly interviewed a Republican actress who lives in Hollywood then proceeded to hype Sarah Palin. With all due respect, that was a bad, very bad thing to do because he just labeled the entire event as having a Republican bias...and that other wrong damn sure isn't right. Damnit, all my fears about the retarded self-centered, short-sighted masses may be true. Help me Jesus!