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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Ancient Decorated Rock Pile Conundrum


I'm watching the National Geographic Channel special on the Temple Mount myth naming thing that is responsible for so much chaos in the world. Oh the irony.

I'm not sure they are going to like my kindergarten-esque approach to addressing the nonsense, but I call it like it is.

The 'Holy rock' eh?

Hi! I'm Barry for Sham-Wow...

Wanna buy a pet rock? Wanna base your life around it? Wanna kill and hurt for it?

Do you think your programming might be off? Just a tad perhaps? No, not like gangsta rap off, but off from complete truth and logic just the same?

God, come here a second please. Have you seen my Self-Directed Behavior book?

Any suggestions?

What do you mean certain humans, not You, are responsible for this grossly irresponsible mind control?

Well that is totally fucked up. That's what you keep trying to say?


Don't take it personally, it's only logic and human behavior mechanisms you're going to be arguing with from this point on. Don't worry, it's not like it's modern rocket science versus ancient storytelling. Wait, errr...well, perhaps it is, but don't worry, this is circular and benevolent, so you can take comfort in knowing it will win and protect the principles of righteousness and truth every time. That's how theory works.

"A direct line to God." My reply = ha.

Try again.

Nice horse...did you design that yourself?

"The king of the Jews." Oh Christ, here we go again.

"The Romans are evil blah, blah, blah..." Have any of you been to Caesar's Palace in Vegas lately?

Oh snap, the Muslims just got thrown into the mix...

The Arabs versus Jews huh? (facepalm) The catastrophe is right.

Insert international separation of church and state. Don't worry, pretty soon BOTH of those words will be irrelevant in my design.

Ya know...with the obvious discrepancies in propaganda know how easy it would be to...nevermind, I'll just leave that ace in the proverbial hole. ;)

God's revelation eh? What about the much more modern revelations?

I like the idea of mathematical harmony, but I don't necessarily agree that what ancient Islam says is mathematical harmony is indeed mathematical harmony.

It's just an octagon for Christ's sake.

Three words: Group behavior psychology. Free yourself from the ancient retardedness your elders have you trapped in. Books are books, blogs are blogs, words are words, the ONLY ones that matter should be true. That is not what the TV is showing me at the moment.

Living in the past is not necessarily good for the present or future. Don't worry, you can still be special and rewarded for treating others and yourself with the respect they deserve. We're all about respect here. Principle, intent, effort, and respect.

Throw in compassion, change the order around, and you have the acronym PRICE.

(insert Holy Grail)

Jesus challenged the money changers there? And Hitler was pissed at the Jews because? Irony.

Come the fuck on kids. I mean really. This kind of alleged devotion and none of you can even stop a few trillion dollar criminal bailout? And I'm suppose to believe you have the power of God or are telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Let's not even talk about Gaza or Palestine, because you trumped your own Holocaust pity excuse card with that. Not smart. Really not smart.

But luckily we're not drawing lines like that anymore so you might just have a way out based on common sense and relative admission of sanity instead of hats and and allegedly magic rocks.

Magic rocks? Really? No, really? Wow ya'll. And not just you, all of them. And not just all of them, all of us. It's about time the human condition stopped being manipulated with ancient lies instead of modern behavioral principles so much.

Wow. I Painfully mind-boggling...with all due respect of course.

You wanna be a good person and do the right thing for others above yourself? Good for you, you might even have a savior complex like I do, but religion is robbing you of the credit for your own good deeds, and that just ain't cool in my book. Let's give credit where credit is due alright?



Because, that is obviously what's important. You help someone in need, because that person needs help and you have that help to offer. If/when you are that other person you would hope for the same, and that's the way the game is supposed to work.

So the evil king built the Holy temple? You must be fucking kidding me? Wow. You've got a huge symbolic problem right there.

Don't worry. I can predict the future. Here's what's coming: A muesem.

It's OK, blogs may be considered Holy text and Facebook may very well be a muesem too one day. Nothing but a testament to anceint psychological behavior modifying technology.

Oh...the Lost Years of Jesus is on I have the patience? Not to write about it at least.

Don't take it personally, I simply argue for intelligence, truth, and logic. At some point we must all have the courage to question what we have been told/taught when it doesn't make sense, if not, how can God respect our existence as a spirit in the virtual world he created for us to exist in?

Makes ya think huh?

I reckon I've ruffled enough feathers for one night.