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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delayed Reaction

I didn't actually bother to post the extensive essay I wrote about all the cool 'coincidences' I saw on Fox News and the Colbert Report earlier in the week, but I wanted to just jot down brief notes for future reference.

The FCC's "O.P.I. 7" are being contested on their constitutional legality under the 1st Amendment.

Hmmm...who have I heard pushing for that sporadically...but especially in recent months on his radio show? I just never expected anyone to actually take it up...but do you even remotely realize the potential that would have for speaking in code?

It would literally make me the shit. No, literally. If my bitching and complaining and sarcasm directed at the right people finally paid off and reality suddenly became more like...ummm reality, then whenever you heard the word 'shit' or any one of the other infamous 7 on previously censored programming...I could point to it and say...see!!!

If you don't get it, don't worry, you might eventually.

When Colbert mentioned the barista under his desk can get a job at the Footlocker in one of the skits...and to ask for the manager...the manager's name was ???

But more importantly, the manager of Footlockers are dressed in what type of uniform?

And if the political role you are playing is...

Nevermind. If you understand the 'inside' nature of the comedic storyline, then it all makes sense. If not, if/when you do, you will be able to watch certain programs over again and see an entire 'secret' storyline hidden in plain sight. about redefining syndication...

It's always fun handing people my business card, even though they are likely clueless to the depth of the hidden symbolism in its design, it makes me smile. Yellow?