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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Brainstorming Chronicles

Uh...yeah, like what-ever.


I finally got my damn motorcycle back! Thank God for small favors right?

Learned a new phrase in my editing class "If you can't duck it, fuck it." I believe in reference to how they attached the camera to the car window when shooting that "what a badass I am" rap video. I mean, we've all perhaps used duct tape and spray paint less than ideally at times, even my writing perhaps, so I can relate. I'm not sure if he was serious or not. Fucking pure comedy either way.

Actually not bad though. I mean, compared to what I have envisioned, they are in the kiddie pool, but it is amusing to watch.

Music video idea: The rapper driving his Hummer right through a kiddie pool with the kids in it...then the waves wash the kids away and it transitions into some sort of metaphorical Biblical flood. Wait, nope, that's too deep and complicated. We'll have to have some ladies that behave in ways that gets them labeled "B's", "C's" and "hoes" getting washed about in the flood too.

Hell, throw Perez Hilton and people that use words as he does in there too just for the hell of it.

Oh damnit, I'm thinking in terms of Eminem-type imagery again.

Note to self: Nevermind discussing epic plans for yet-to-be-started video editing project, as last minute version might include more (insert here) brackets than it would have otherwise.

(Insert Rockstar shadow.)

(Give tiger puppet character a license plate that says A LEAPER.)

(Has South Park done an episode where Cartman becomes a rapper yet?)

Back to discussing boring everyday nonsense...or wait, is it still my job to scold the characters in the news? Why not. Just like editing class projects, if they occupy your time, then you have a right to distribute highly targeted feedback. If they actually listen and keep bending the rules, then that seems how intelligent people should act to make the world the best place possible along well designed lines.

What's that you say? Those lines are WTF? Oh. Damn. That explains a lot. Eh, fair enough.

What's the game?

It depends, what type of game do you want it to be? A well-designed game should be designed to be adapted to be relevant constantly and reflectively. America needs to design a system of government that prevents it from getting hijacked by an expontentially worse reward model. Has our government been reflecting the soul of the American people as a whole? I hear words like America and freedom get thrown around a lot, but the sincerity is a bit comically Biblical at times.

Words are only as powerful as what they mean to you.

Does every other country have the same problem in one way or another? How does one correct that problem in one fell swoop? Along what lines? So what's the point of the timeline?

Why bother? Good point. But hypothetically, if you wanted to simutaneously use the internets to control the's a pretty damn good way to start. Or, you can just party like it's 1999 if you can afford to I suppose, but I'm sure this dynamic has never been seen before in history. That's pretty damn important if you see it that way.

And to other people, Abercrombie and Fitch is important. Hey, I mean, whatever makes you feel important and accepted in your group of peers. I've been on something of an anti-elitist marketing hype campaign in recent years, although I did go through that Gap phase back when I was in college too.

Fashion advertising = a bit overdone perhaps at times.

Eh, OK, I'll have to explain to all the random people at some point anyway. Or better yet, you know what? Just try to explain me to your friends for me, and then send me the explanation and words of exactly just how you accomplished that.

But depending on the context in which you know me, it differs. My creative writing is obviously on a much deeper level than conversations you can readily have with other people on a normal, day-to-day basis. I mean, I guess you could, and they might disagree with you, but that doesn't mean they're right, but that doesn't mean you're right either, although sometimes all sides think they are.

I have really got to stop watching so much political news.


Heard any good jokes lately?

"O.K., so check this out, instead of just 'chasing his tail' writing in metaphorical circles for entertainment., Allen just stopped writing and went back to writing his project."

Which one?


Yes, this is technically a project too, but I'm just like a badass juggler with no training and ADD.

Occasionally over-multitasking.

More often simply just not tasking enough.

Alright fine, I'm going to go collect and create images for my artistic whatever.

Tell your mom I said hi!



P.S. Oh yeah, shame on the corrupt politicians for trying to use their power to steal spacecash.

WTF ya'll?