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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh Jesus...

Christ, it just occurred to me how 'over the heads' of most people my typical thought process is.

I've been told I think too much. Truth is, those people were wrong. I think way, way, way too much. I think about what I'm thinking and whether or not I'm thinking when obviously I'm thinking or else my feeble near-genius brain wouldn't be thinking these thoughts.

You lost me. I thought so.

Damn you over-analytical imagination and blindly creative ambition.

Seriously, one minute you try to design an open-source plan to comically take over the world, you get as far as designing the marketing campaign and selling it to the media...but then suddenly you're not sure which social structures work best...and for whom...

Damn. And it seemed so easy in theory...

Most people don't encounter this level of thought on a semi-regular they?

I mean, look around you, do people really act like they do on TV?


Help me Jesus!

It looks like a lot of work for nothing. But I suppose, if that's what you're programmed to believe is important by the advertising, then that is what you're programmed to believe.

(insert 'RockStar' logo)

(insert rocket engine)

Time out, Allen's team.

Alright, we won, so now what?

(insert Google search in the context of suspected fear-based control by the media to remind myself to watch Idiocracy and Zeitgeist back-to-back, as I jokingly asked everyone else to last week)

Well, I already saw Idiocracy on Comedy Central recently, so I just Googled 'Zeitgeist' for old time's sake and found this:

One paragraph in it doesn't sound too irrational. Logic can be your friend when kept in the light of truth. Some people will probably still turn out to be much better human beings than others though. Right? Hmmm...

Is this crazy?

How about our society's child stars like Britney performing on stage with midget porn actors?

Hell if I know. I just know the last few years of stuff the TV news has been raining on me since I started paying attention really makes one wonder...and the behavior of many otherwise beautiful girls on the internet is a little depressing. I mean, being a sex object apparently pays well...but,'re just a sex object. WTF? That's like saying "Hi! I'm cocaine." Where is the love and respect...much less past age 30? Scary stuff.

Well, I suppose most sex objects aren't burdened with my intellect or compassion, which probably also explains why I have historically over-estimated so many people over the years. Now then, if you're just extremely attractive but have a solid moral compass and foundation underneath the sexy exterior...thank God things like you still exist! Role models are role models.

Oh well. I digress. The government is flying planes in highly suggestive ways, 9 out of 10 girls on MySpace seem to have 'gone wild', and I'm still holding out for something beyond amazing while completely changing career directions at age 33.


Yeah, that fits well with my insanely ambitious 'achiever-type' personality. Actually it does, but in ways I never fathomed experiencing when in college and pissing away my life showing off the first time around. Every few years I look back and think "God, I was so young and foolish then."...which is exactly why I avoided doing anything permanent like getting tattoos, married, or having kids my entire life. Although, be careful about deciding your life isn't challenging enough and throwing it away just to see if you can rebuild it from scratch just to have a great story to might just achieve what you set out to do. ;)


In other news, life is boring. Aside from spending my free time writing these rhetorical political philosophy essays to the media, it appears there is once again that blurry array of pretty girls around. Hmmm...I can think of worse things...but does that mean I'll get distracted chasing girls and/or 'love' and not spending enough time on my creative projects?

Oh, right. All this time you've been spending 'creatively' anyway there Tygrrr?

Good point.


That's how I always rationalize shit.

Hmmm...perhaps I'll just have to try a tad harder. Well, the good news is, at least on some days I'm much more constructively productive than others. I have so just got to find a way to mix work with pleasure and I'll be set.

Damnit, what's the best way to find love and money to match my mind and ability?

I suppose actually doing something instead of just thinking about it is a good start. lol

Things that make you go hmmm...



P.S. What good is living across the street from a beach unless you use it? What good is having a mind unless you use it to make the world a better place? What good is being attractive unless you put it to good use? What good is anything unless used properly?

P.P.S. No more time to think aloud, I've got an editing project to throw together. That's the spirit! ;)

P.P.P.S. The craziest thing of all is, I just realized the right girl could probably even drag me to church and make me a token believer even though I've already created and lived by my own independent structure of morals, values, and principle all these years. Hey, I'm only human. :)