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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tygrrr Tail Tracking

The funny thing about online social media technology is you almost feel hurt when cute girls aren't affectionately following you around the internets.

What do you mean you aren't aware of my movements 24 hours a day even though I only rarely go anywhere worth caring about?

...and half of the other stuff I talk about is over your head?

Oh, good point.

Our society is kind of retarded when it comes to celebrity tabloid reporting. I just don't get it. I mean, I just don't get it...but then you see how the political system is only skin deep. And with trillions being thrown around under such questionable circumstances do to a certain WTF methodology...ummm, well, if as many attractive young women knew about the Federal Reserve as they do about Britney's circus, the world might be a far better place. Or, possibly not at all.

New policy Allen: talk to the girls about things they understand and want to talk about, talk to the leaders about WTF they are doing incorrectly and alternate ways of seeing things more constructively.

Eh, makes sense.

Christ, maybe I should act like the male version of that 'Hot for Words' chick? Nope, wait, we live in a patriarchal society that largely objectifies female sexuality and I'm not nearly as hot as that girl is in the first place. Note to self: devise another Plan B.

Well, at least I can take comfort in that some of my rocket scientist-type friends (no, literally, some of them are real rocket scientists) find my musings and theories somewhat entertaining...or so they say. Wait, or is that just politically correct kindness on my commentaries? Eh, either way, this writing project was never really as much about the feedback as it was about the venting of ideas to the people that could put them to the best use.

Anywho, that title is actually somewhat misleading, because it's supposed to be in reference to my latest plan to track my behavior and reprogram myself into an ultra-efficient creative force to be reckoned with. Yeah, ummm..., I got through the first 4 chapters of the book in 4 days...the next 2 chapters have taken 2 weeks? WTF?

Apparently my attention span functions exponentially in some weird way. lol

In today's pseudo-news all the kids are bickering about the CIA torture thing, which is ironically torture in a way because it borders on misdirection from other things that lead to peoples' real circumstances becoming more tortured as they aren't paying attention. Even the Republicans tried to hijack the Tax Day Tea Party thing...and anyone who even has a clue what's really going on can only sit there and stare at the TV like WTF?


Well, at least the Comedy Central kids have been keeping it lively. But wow guys, the only flaw with the Swedish model is that girls that look and act like the Swedish models depicted in that segment are far and few between here in the land of supersized gangsta Idiocracy.

How do you fix that before you install the optimized government model? That's the part of the plan that worries me. Don't believe me? Start taking random samples of people from MySpace and analyze them compared to the comparative percentages found in Sweden.

Now which is the problem, which is the symptom, and what is the cure?

How much longer can America survive living this way?

Just don't get it twisted living there in magic nonsense box TV land. Anything can be painted like anything, make sure things start getting painted the right, honest way please. That 50 cent movie cover of him holding a child was so epic and morally correct.

Yeah, right. I just asked my TV not to lie to me. That's ridiculous. I mean, if people weren't trying so hard to manipulate others' feeling of self-worth for profit, however are they going to quench their own inner insecurities that they have been brainwashed into believing only certain brands and products can cure? Why must there be so many damn fucktards in the world?

Wow. I hope I get that internship with infoMania so I can learn how to turn my sarcastic TV watching notes into mass-distributed entertainment. Well, I have to wait until the Fall, so I'll just be taking notes and enjoying the beach in the meantime.

I think I'm a failure because I don't have a Ferrari and got really sidetracked before choosing a career direction, but in the grand scheme of things, I really can't complain.

Bad Allen! No complaining!

OK, fine, the world is the wonderful and great utopia I had always imagined it being ever since designing my small Hot Wheels cities as a child. The whole government isn't fundamentally corrupt by design, and the good, decent, honest, respectable people should pay for the wrongs of other more self-centered, short-sighted types.

Furthermore, it makes perfect sense to completely undermine the public's faith in anything they are told by the political actors and celebrity pundits the hype makes them believe in so sincerely. I mean, if it's going to be a culture of lies and secrecy, then why get everyone's hopes up by making what is being presented to them even look remotely true? No need to tease them, although people do love being teased don't they?

I don't have plans to find love, get married, or have kids anytime in the near future (in fact I've created certain circumstantial barriers to protect me from just that), but if/when I do have kids, I hope the world is a much more sane, moral place I can introduce them to. I mean damn kids...stop having fucking kids already! Especially those of you that are stupid, and in the ultimate torturous Catch 22, if you're having sex and having kids that you are in no way prepared for as a human you realize what you are doing to you, them, and everyone around you?

Sorry, went on that tangent again. Wow. I just can't believe it's legal for some people to have children after seeing how irresponsible and seemingly incompetent these people are. Is that really fair to anyone involved? Credit card fees are a whole different type of WTF, but I bet the same target behavior demographics apply.

Hey, we all get more mature with age, just make sure you haven't destroyed too many lives before that happens. Wait, f*ck, I'm on a tangent again.

Sorry, I see things that stick in the back of my mind and I feel obligated to passionately rail against the mindset that leads to them in general terms in this semi-secret personal public forum as it randomly pops back into my mind from time to time.

Tweet of the day:

AllynTygrrrIcon_lock@StephenAtHome Hey Colbert, if I send you a puppet tiger will you hide it in the background on your show?

AllynTygrrrIcon_lock@StephenAtHome How about just the character between the lines?

AllynTygrrrIcon_lock@StephenAtHome OK, fine. I'll just send you an imaginary one instead. Hey, you can't prove God doesn't exist either.

See what happens when I get bored and sidetracked?

Alright, back to hitting the weights. Damnit, I wish supplements weren't so expensive. I mean seriously, WTF? How come it is so expensive to get healthy food options in our society?

I wanted to start a healthy fast food chain before, even one that was just a conglomeration of the healthy food options from other fast food restaurants...but like hundreds of my other possibly genius ideas...I'm still holding out for the ultimate one. Lots of the ideas that my friends and I came up with years ago have turned into other people's highly profitable businesses, but if you're going to do it, it's better if it's something that you're truly passionate about...which is what I'm holding out for and will one day find.

Without passion, what's the point of life?

When life hands you lemons, try to get rich teaching people how to make lemonade?

That is so American. lol

Alright, until next time kids!

Take care,


P.S. On infoMania they just said Chuck should pray more. Hmmm...what's that all about?

Follow up:

Stephen's next tweet: StephenAtHomethe letter "g" on my phone is crapping out. will start spellin5 everythin5 with 5's insteadAllynTygrrrIcon_lock@StephenAtHome Your very own codex? Very nice Stephen. I just decided to start heckling Perez Hilton via Twitter. Go technology!