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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pretty Propaganda and Taking the April Fool's Day Cake

Yeah, yeah....we know, we know...some aren't huge fans of Fox News b/c they label right-wing conservative spin as 'Fair & Balanced'...but don't blame the messengers.

I mean, with all do respect, if you were plotting to conquer the world via media hype, what better than the Barbie twins to deliver it? matching yellow outfits nonetheless.

Talk about a double-take...

For those of you who don't follow me religiously on Facebook (and now kinda sorta on Twitter again!, I gave up smoking weed.

Although, yes, it's April Fool's Day... interestingly enough, there is complete truth to that statement. I haven't touched it in 3 days...and I plan to at least keep the experiment up for another week or two just to see if anything changes.

So, if my late-evening posts sound slightly more coherent but slightly less fantastical in nature, you can take bets on what's going on behind the scenes and we'll connect the dots later.

Since I didn't do anything really cool or interesting for April Fool's Day this year, I'll go ahead and mention the first April Fool's Day hijinx from years gone by that came to mind...

Back when I was dating Candy...I called my parents on April Fool's Day and told them her and I were in Vegas (it was a much more common occurrence back then) and had just gotten married.

Since I did it first thing in the morning (apparently these are the stupid kind of jokes I come up with upon first waking up while still lying in bed), they bought it hook, line, and sinker.

I told my dad...and he just handed the phone to my mom and said "Here, talk to your son."

I bring this up because I remember my mom's reaction and quote so clearly even years later. I told my mom the same thing I had just told my father, there was a pause for it to sink in, and then she said: "Son, of all the dumb sh*t you have ever done....this takes the cake."

And she doesn't curse very often.

What a fun child I must have been right?

Now if I can only get her to believe my comedic secret plot to take over the world via befriending certain kids in the media over the last few years isn't exactly all complete fiction...

That will be the greatest April Fool's Day joke of all time.

Happy April 1st ya'll!