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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The G20 vs. Octomom

Anyone notice Mrs. Obama was wearing yellow when they arrived for the G20 summit earlier today?

....just like at the inauguration?

Well, my comically delusional 'secretly take over the world through the international media and Hollywood using a handful of carefully chosen symbolic shapes and colors' plot matters not anyway unless we can actually make some concrete gains in the right direction policy-wise. The whole government/world power grab thing would be fine IF it were the right, FUNCTIONAL structure for management of the human race...

....but that is not what I see when I turn on the TV to see resource-consuming monsters like Octomom roaming freely as many are expected to pay for the misdeeds of a few.

As my little radio and future TV show endeavor is currently named...WTF?

I know, I know...I just grabbed two completely different things from the recent media headlines and threw them together as if they're related...but in a way, they are. I think the word is irresponsibility. Short-sighted, selfish, careless behavior of the living in planning for the futures of those poor truly innocent spirits yet to be embodied into this growing nightmare of a world. Whose freedom is more sacred and therefore important?

WTF? (have your pet spayed or neutered UNLESS you and society can afford, are prepared for, and desire what happens if you don't)

All humans are not created equal. All humans do not act with equally noble intent. Some humans run faster than others. Some humans think much more quickly and from all sides. Some humans just want to have sex with anything wet that moves. Other humans think they are the masterminds and insist on using their superior brainpower to fix everything that comes across their path. Most humans just need and want attention.

Strangely enough that is a finite resource, right Octomom? Selfish bitch.

Somewhere between the truth, fiction, Jesus going MIA, and what the magic nonsense box provides as behavioral role model scripture in its place I think we might have a problem. And on a completely unrelated note, I saw the president of Brazil interviewed on CNN over the weekend and thought he sounded like a relatively intelligent, reasonable man...until I heard his comment about blaming the white man with blue eyes for all the problems afflicting the world.

These are the best leaders God can give me to work with? People who won't address the root causes of things but rather make up any number of incorrect assertions while failing to even solve the symptoms of the flaws in the human condition of certain members of the world society? Take everything on a case-by-case basis ya'll. At least think about it.

Do not worry, for, to be honest, this is not even a real blog entry. Not at all. I had no desire to write at the moment, nor anything specific to write about. I simply wanted to see if my brain is performing slightly better as I gradually remove the self-imposed limiters I've been using on myself.

Is it working? To be honest, can't really tell; however, on an equally unrelated note, I would like to end by saying last night's Colbert Report was absolutely brilliant in the way it spun hotly debated issues involving religion, science, and the 'apparent' perception of the world in which you and I exist.

Sometimes, the only way to make retards realize they are being retards is to run circles around them while making them laugh. Since my one 'apparent' epic talent is chasing my intellectual tail at lightening speed, it seems only logical that I consider officially joining the broadcasting circus at some point. Having been raised in rural Texas I thought being on TV just happened by some sort of magic for the first few decades of my life, turns out it might not be nearly that complicated.

Then again, logic has failed me many times when dealing with humans...I mean, in theory, since we now have the ability for near-instant global communication, there should already be a movement to create a unified global language based on text-messaging abbreviations and/or lolspeak...but yet all we hear about is money, money, money blah, blah, blah...


If everyone is so damn right, then how come nothing seems to be working?

Good question right?

BTW...I also think the world would benefit from using technology to start a degangsterification project and attempt to identify and curtail the dangerous genetics and circumstances wherever they may be instead of allowing them to multiply freely...but that would make too much sense right?

That is all. Carry on.



P.S. Here's the kicker. I wrote this somewhat scattered missive earlier for no real reason except that I realized I hadn't posted anything in awhile. After reading it, I realized that since it wasn't really aimed in any specific direction to begin with, it was still somewhat scattered, and that it wasn't an ideal sample of my writing ability to be posting, perhaps I shouldn't post it...especially since some the usual rhetoric seemed so tenacious. I actually copied the contents of this post to an email and just sent it to myself, then deleted the posting and never planned to publish it.

Well, all that changed on the way to class, because while driving to school I hit a red light. No, not just because I hit a red light, but because when stopped at the red light, a group of three school children passed in front of my car. 2 girls, 1 boy--probably 12 or 13 years old. Now then, it's not just that I stopped at a red light and three school kids passed in front of my car, it's that the girl closest to my vehicle was wearing tight jeans and big-assed gold hoop earrings that said SEX. (I mean literally, they said SEX.)

Step into my office... Why? Because you're fucking fired!

I'm sorry, but that is not sexy, that is REPULSIVE, and what I presume is God's way of refusing to let me ignore the fact that our society is headed right for even further depths of the genetic and circumstantial shitter. With all do respect, if that aspiring ho were sterilized at birth I wouldn't be nearly as concerned nor taking the time to actually post this, but unfortunately for all of us, that wasn't the case.

What a twisted fucking world it is when the To Catch a Predator bait wears hoochie-mama earrings advertising sex as if it is the only thing she is worth and 50 cent might be in the neighborhood for a night. THESE WERE FUCKING KIDS! From a retardedly dysfunctional home and environment no doubt, but the problem is, as the system stands, you can't fix that problem until that problem has probably created many more problems...and down the toilet what's left of the American dream and culture goes.

Granted, she's probably no Octomom who will multiply her own FAIL by 14, but you know there are going to be more dysfunctional members of the social environment in which we must all be exposed to some extent, and your tax dollars are going to pay for whatever mistakes that aspiring ho makes as she is looking for attention with the only thing she has...a wet spot between her legs. Sorry for the graphic nature of this post, but fucking wow.

Maybe the people not making the rules they need to make need to comes down off of their isolated houses on the hill and see just how fucked up things are as they try to throw money at problems that money will only exacerbate. Damn ya'll.

Breathe Allen breathe...calm down's not your problem, you're just surrounded by everyone else's at the moment and it gets a little hard for my thinking mind to understand.

P.P.S. The argument Colbert was having with the woman last night about narcissism versus superiority is valid, but I think it should be made on behavioral grounds.

P.P.P.S. I'm going to end on a lighter note with my picture of the day. When I park to go to school, I park across the street from a cop who has a pretty nice house given the prices of real estate in California. That's neither here nor there, but the interesting part is he's apparently a K-9 unit judging by the K-9 unit car that is always parked in the driveway. For someone who has the power to destroy otherwise upstanding citizens lives for something as minor as...oh...I don't know...marijuana possession, I thought it funny but yet WTF that he has a pretty nice travel trailer named "Blaze'n" parked right next to his police cruiser. That's about as funny as the LA police helicopter having the tail number 420 (I shit you not), but given the war on drugs and the voices of reason from LEAP, I thought it would be cute to post a picture: