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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rhetorical curveballs.

Since when does one get millions of dollars for failure (cough or is it more like sabotage AIG, Congress, etc. cough)?

The more of this insanely criminal nonsense I'm bombarded with by my TV news, the more pissed off I become that I haven't yet literally received a limited edition Ferrari airdropped to me. Mind you, a Ferrari that I requested to be airdropped, by the U.S. government, over 2 years ago!!! What began as one small part of my ultimate sarcastically epic saga is really beginning to sound more reasonable by the minute.


I have openly asked more than once, and if being the sarcastically comical fool pretending to run the world from behind-the-scenes doesn't qualify me to get a mere half-million Ferrari airdropped, then how in God's name can this AIG nonsense even be rationalized?

Law of Attraction my ass.

Speaking of the 'The Secret' and corresponding 'Law of Attraction'...apparently I know a lot more girls that use it to 'find' parking spaces than I realized.


Help me Jebus!

If I were intentionally trying to write my life into a script, I don't think I could do this well.

Mind-boggling...but hilarious.

Off to editing class I go!



P.S. The cool news is Obama lands just down the street from school here in Long Beach tomorrow, and I have my cameraman lined up and plans to make it my first news piece to actually be aired on TV. Granted, it won't exactly be live or current news by the time it makes the local cable news broadcast in 2 weeks...but it's not a bad start and might make decent demo reel material. Not a bad start at all. ;)

P.P.S. I should probably not smoke weed then write half-assed blog entries with one finger detailing my random recent pseudo-religious discoveries on the internet prior to actually making would-be employers aware of this little gem of creativity, but the beauty of it is, if they see this and still take the time to interview me...they are my kind of people. It's not like I didn't buy Eternal Salvation online for $30 last week.

I just had to go and turn my life into an open book didn't I? Oh well, too late now. :)