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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The American Corporate KGB

Allen Simpson is wondering if can answer my question "Is it possible to save the world?". ...but it costs 50 cents? WTF?
Allen Simpson at 10:12pm March 11
Then I would ask them if I'm secretly famous.

Then I would ask them how their mom is.

Then I would ask them what their SAT score was.

Then I would ask them if they even bothered studying.

Then I would ask them if they even read the book or tried in life.

Then I would ask why are they working where they are.

Then I would ask them where I could get a whole lot of expert knowledge and money quickly.

Then I would ask them if the human condition is usury.

Then I would ask them why.

That's it. Why. Why is my question. And all answers must be given and explained in terms of 'why' all the way back to the meaning of life. And it must be a relatively noble, fair, non-destructive, sustainable one.

Then I would ask them if certain religions can scientifically be taken seriously except in psychological terms.

One by one.

Then I would take those notes and use them to make a case to the world using the internets. In lolspeak.

Pure f*cking comedy. ;)

--> With pictures of pets and animals in lolspeak.