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Monday, March 9, 2009

The WTF "toes in the water" club report. Operation: Wargame?

Howdy kids!

So, as any of you who follow me on Facebook or otherwise know, last night I was once again momentarily lured by curiosity, and the desire for new music for the radio show, and a certain degree of peer pressure/social-relative-isolation back into the fringe of the Hollywood afterhours club scene.

My friend Darren, a.k.a. 'D'Morse', is a DJ/acquaintance of mine from back when I was momentarily producing a nightclub in Hollywood circa 2002. Needless to say the entire saga of me foolishly dating the, highly-attractive, yet wrong kind of women that led me into said club scene is a novel in and of itself, but that's a whole nother story that I'm sure you've heard me go in circles about on my radio show by now.

Upon momentarily revisiting a small scale version of the demographic yesterday evening, I am suddenly reminded of many hilarious things I had previously forgotten, but standing there drinking my $5 bottles of lemon water, the only things I could think of were:

  • A.) WTF? lol WTF? lol WTF? lol facepalm
  • B.) Man, the music is great, the lights are great, in times past the 'experience' was really great...but, seriously, some of these people are the problem where as others are being put in the basket with them for no good reason. Hmmm...
  • C.) This is why I'm afraid of women. Yes, you're really 'hot'...but...ummm...if you're the type of girl that will approach me all 'frisky' like as a stranger in the club...then you are the type of girl that will approach other men/women all 'frisky' like...and having known what some men and women who act like that are like...I'm not impressed that you have such disturbingly low personal boundaries even if you are aesthetically eye-catching. Sue me.
  • D.) Wow...if this is the basis of my adaptable platform for world human behavior association restructuring....I've already got Asia in my pocket.
  • E.) I have got to find a way to get a camera crew in here to film this mockumentary/script I wrote about just this type of circus a few years back.
  • F.) Damnit...I wish Darren would just give me the CD's I came for instead of making me stay here dead-sober, bobbing like a robotic wall flower, as I watch him play rockstar/DJ.
  • G.) Hmmm....I see lots of ways to improve the operation and maybe make money off of it...but no, NO we aren't wasting our time in the club scene again, except to have connections for entertaining new friends if/when needed.
  • H.) Damnit...I have really got to find a way to get a camera in here to film this.

I could compare and contrast it to the handful of WTF behind-the-scenes HandyCam videos I took back in the day and make a hilarious case-study out of it...but then again, I've got a lot of other more important things to do...but I just found a long-forgotten goldmine of comedic material of mine.

Add it to the list/skit/routine.

Since last time I dipped my toes in the water a few months ago just to see what there was to see, there have been some slight improvements the bathroom attendant has now added a laptop and mini-keyboard to his act. Now, as you stand in line to pee or give him a dollar just to wash your hands, at least you're treated to some modern day street art-type music as well.

I wonder if this could be used as a metaphor in politics? don't even know...the really funny stuff is the line-up of characters you see on/around the dance floor and how they interact with one-another. Some hilarious...some worry, seriously. The bad can ruin the goodtime for we do need more truth and transparency in the world in general.

Having spent many years away from such a nonsensical sub-culture that I can't completely explain my momentary participation in the first place (except to make a movie one day ;), going back is like instant 3D deja vu. It's like the same fascinating behavior is at hand, but with a different cast of characters, and from an even less-thrilling viewpoint. What this has is the potential to be the human common denominator...but only in the right hands (cough I suppose me and a team of selected experts to start cough)...and become the foundation for a new world understanding of accentuating the positives of human nature. Sure, there are some bad apples in there, but, if you take the 'fuel' out of their hands, and use it as the reward in a transparent yet controlled circumstance...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I had the resources and 'legal flexibility', I could design an island that would blow Disneyland and the Playboy Mansion combined out of the water, and might even give all religions and even atheists some common ground on which to stand.

Anywho, to make a long story short--came, saw, was bored but reminded of ideas for a TV project, don't plan to go to the Winter Music Conference in Miami as invited, but still think the world and human condition could be rewired to a 'higher state of understanding' with the right system.

That's about it.

It's still raining dysfunctional government and nonsense on I'm going to keep working on improving myself over trying to speak truth or reason to people in compromised financial positions. It's like a standing joke at this point right?

Alright, I'm done for now.


Happy Monday!


Update: 5 minutes later--Classically I'm watching a report on Paris Hilton's behavior in selling sex to sell burgers to make money by selling the illusion of money and sex. Anywho, being an object of sexual desire is not a bad thing, but 'socializing' your sexual behavior so shallowly for attention or short-term pleasure isn't exactly pretty nor sexy if you ask me. You're worth more if you make yourself worth something a lot more valuable than money. R-e-s-?