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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow and Tygrrrs and Diamonds...Oh My!

...and off into the in Virtual TV Kingdom we go...

Speaking of acting "like a caged animal blindly lashing out in shapes and colors" (a quote from Stephen on The Colbert Report the other night)...I totally forgot to keep taking over the entire spectrum of color just to be a smartass.

When we left off last year, I had taken over the color Yellow and simultaneously started using diamond symbolism (but not for the reasons most people suspect...if you've been keeping track of my writing over time you know where it came from...if not, we can go back and explain later).

There's a bunch of other stuff I've said and done too, but for our purposes I figured it was high time we picked another color at random...

Actually after taking over the color Yellow, the next week I took over the color gray to represent how I view things in 'a thousand shades of gray' rather than black and white (i.e. context), but I never really ran with it, and gray may not technically be a color anyway. Hmmm.

Anywho, this week I would like to upgrade, and add silver to the list. Silver? WTF? That's not a color! You're thinking...that's a second-string metal and medal!

Ah fall in trap so easy.

Of course it isn't what you think it is at face value, it is nothing like you think it is at face value, that is how it hides right in front of you, already in your just don't know it yet.

For our purposes, we'll just go ahead and have the color Silver take the place of the color gray in my previous example, and further it's symbolic metaphorical usage to represent the metal aluminum instead of literally the metal silver. Have I lost you yet?

Hang on, as always, there's a method to the madness.

Why aluminum above silver you say? Well, technologically speaking, aluminum is far more valuable than silver, and is it not technology that is going to save if not rule the world? I mean, bang for the buck wise, aluminum is the way to go. I used aluminum trim on my previous ultimate house redesign project, and I always accessorize with aluminum or chrome instead of gold or other. Why? Just a personal style choice.

As far as what it means in my open-source project...? To redesign the way the rules work to coordinate with human nature more smoothly. With all due respect, with the current level of human advancement, there is no reason the quality of life should be so piss poor for so many on this planet. I say we blame their parents for bringing them into the world.

Fair don't take that the wrong way. The plan here is protect innocent spirits from creatures like Octomom before it's too late. The red flag would be that, genetically speaking, at least Octomom is much more intelligent than millions who have kids yearly...and how much money do you think you can put into the education system to try and educate creatures that can't/don't want to be educated because of the social dynamic expressed in Idiocracy and our 'sports-based' school culture?


Step aside kids, Idealism is about to hit Reality. Does it take a rocket scientist to look up and see how the system is obviously not designed like something as important as it is should be?

Now then, I suppose the only question is: Is this by accident?

Well then, to what end is it designed? Really? Even in my world where aluminum is worth more than silver and certainly gold style-wise? Technology-wise? Design and build the most efficient society possible, designed from the bottom up for the next generation.

How so Allen?

Well first, we have to obviously change our ways. To change our ways we simply need a society that designs the game differently (better). Look around you. It can't be that hard. And if you are one of the intelligent few reading this, then you are probably surrounded by relatively-superior like minds. Wow that must be nice.

On the other hand, why is the world so chaotic?

To be honest, it's extremely embarassing. I mean, just imagine if God were watching and taking notes for Christ's sake. The planet was so beautiful and balanced to sustain his little life growing experiment...then along came human exploitation. The universe is a garden, the planets are just the opportunities for the experiment to exist and begin self-designing itself.

I bet we find out there are things that connect us like infinite knowledge that we can't comprehend.

Hey, it's been happening since the beginning of time. The catch is, why the f*ck is ANYONE on this planet running on 2,000 year old propaganda? They can't be serious?

Can we at least get rid of the old parts and stories that we don't need and cannot be explained rationally in the context of human behavior?

Check this out--> Your mind is a computer. That doesn't mean it's programmed right.

(enter God stage right)

"What the fuck?"

I rest my case.

TBC...I haven't even started yet.