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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The War on Politically Correct Ignorance

(watching Anderson Cooper 360 as he's reporting from the Mexican border on the "war" on drugs)

Enter L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)


You guys STILL aren't seeing things right. All sides being presented on TV to millions of impressionable minds are INCORRECT. You guys are seeing it bi-laterally. Trying to see it as 'legal based on the current blind, ignorant law structure' or 'leave things the way they are'.

All you have to do is listen to me and give me the power, I tell you I did the research on this for a reason. Make no mistake, drugs are powerful and dangerous. Just like guns. Just like sex. But they can also be used as powerful tools for good in THE RIGHT HANDS and CONTEXT.

Mind you, you must have knowledge to understand something, and believing what someone else says without verifying it with matching facts is just not the way anyone should roll.

Some people are much more qualified to handle such things responsibly. Even more so, how could you expect someone to handle such powerful things responsibly if they have no required knowledge and understanding about what they are dealing with? ...but more so, best practice guidelines--HONEST ACCURATE TRACKING OF BEHAVIOR--and the whole new behavioral science-based comical pseudo-religion part of my plan to take over the world as an act blah, blah, blah...

Really, if you guys think I blow things out of proportion in amusingly counter-productive ways in certain areas, do you think it might just be to make a point at some point? Always rememeber I did the insanely hard stuff up front for a reason, because falling back in to more normal, comfortable group-influenced behavior routine is beyond easy. Easy is fun but not very challenging. That doesn't mean I can't do it.

This isn't rocket science, but if the modern world would get its collective intelligence out of its ancient ass we might have only good things to wake up to in the morning.

It's not like I haven't put a lot of highly, over-powered, redundant (;) thought into this.

Anderson Cooper just said 'cat propaganda'...I keep trying to tell you there is a lot more to what I've been 'imagineering' then you would believe unless you're paying close attention and have been for sometime.

The beauty of the drug war is it gives us an open door to seize the entire network like taking candy from an abusive parent and letting the professional buddha-type teacher design how to control it. Drugs change human behavior, but in predictable ways. Greed and criminal profit also change human behavior in an obvous way. Anyone see where the true problem lies yet?

The problem, and the big-assed ? you need to keep your eyes on is the people. People are always the problem, especially when they are dealing with things they don't understand in compromised positions. All people are not created equal, nor are they equally as nice or compassionate. When it comes to things like drugs, and guns, and sex you can probably trace these things directly back to the sources of problems in our society...because the current system is retarded and puts the power in the irresponsible criminal's hands...or the COMPLETELY REQUIRED TO BE BLIND AND INEXPERIENCED VIRGIN (law enforcement).

There's a difference between things that feel good and are good for you, but sometimes, with enough work and research, you can find things that are both. THAT is the goal.

I'm not saying make cops do drugs, I'm saying let scientists do them and work with politicians and spiritual geniuses to design a system that WORKS. Even a broken watch is wrong twice a day, and people are safer when armed with knowledge not blinded by lies.

Metaphorically speaking. It works but it doesn't.

I still want to bump the median IQ up 20 points and require non-decietful, non-predatory, non-completely selfish behavior (or at least more incentive for candor than lies). The present condition of certain humans and parts of the world seems so primitive compard to others doesn't it?

And all it takes is a little common sense to go hey, how could we harness this power and use it for good as a reward for meeting certain requirements...not just being 18 or 21. Fucking idiots.

No really, the world is not designed nearly as intelligently as it could/should be.

Cat propaganda says we need to first design the marketing campaign and intended 'experimental territory' to design my Disneyland beats the Playboy Mansion creation where you can meet God as long as you're willing to listen to what he says. Don't worry. It's only the truth...but then he asks questions. If you don't know what you're doing, then should you be allowed to do it?

Graduated freedoms ya'll. Think about it.

This is all about family planning for the yet-to-be-conceived generation. It's the only way it should be right? If you were God would you not want to protect innocent spirits before it's too late to prevent them from being born into a compromised and/or dysfunctional environment?

Sorry...I'm taking the rhetoric too deep again aren't I? Alright, I'll back up to the shallow end of using drugs as the righteous behavior incentive and reward instead of leaving it as the evildoer's magic that he has been using to destroy the world and short-sighted people's lives for far to long.

I'm telling you, it's just a matter of time until the truth and technology catches up with the flaws in the system and the laws written to protect it. It's all good until it gets hijacked, and since you're stuck on this planet too, sometimes you just have to hijack it back.

The catch is, even the 'bad' guys know I'm better than them because I know what they know plus I have the government and entire international community of intellectuals behind me. Well, maybe not, but if they knew what I did/do...the world would be a much more cooperative place.

Tygrrr Propaganda--> WTF RADIO+Saturdays @ = ;)

I talk really fast and on tangents about all sorts of things like this, so feel free to call in and argue or ask questions, because arguing with myself for too long just leads to the belief that I can do amazing things and then the next minute you're not even sure how you can allow potential employers to read your blog because so much of what I spin is esoteric (but cool as hell) and over their heads. Hell, of course this is over the head of anyone who knows not of what I speak.

But if you do...OMG!!!

Remember back when that was a key tagline and part of my literary character's rhetoric 2+ years ago? That is before I even started publishing the emails openly. Wow. long does it take to pretend to conquer and/or unite the world using umbrella media technology and the right...epic...storyline...and get a damn limited edition Ferrari air-dropped to me?

Law of Attraction you must have a delayed reaction on some things and yet uncanny timing on so many others. WTF?

I wonder if this will be a book one day...that you read in sync to your television...and suddenly you're aware and part of the ultimate game. You can't beat that with anything but what else I have envisioned for the future. Very, very nice things and cool shit.

So, am I going to have to use lolspeak and pictures of pets they relate to to relate the programming oversights in human behavior and/or explain them to foreigners?

If Google's with me, then the power is there.

President's Online Town Hall Meeting was powered by who?

Oh, snap. Yes, again. Did I mention how this entire nonsensical storyline wanted to elect Google president? Yeah, but that's a whole nother story.

5 years ago I bet you never thought you'd be reading (and hopefully paying enough attention to be seeing) this type of open network-distributed thought-provoking fantasy-type reality.

It's not magic, it's just television ya'll. They have to get the ideas for what they put on TV from somewhere right? Well, if you think you're so damn smart and have been debating what the most important use of one's life could be, why not submit your comically sarcastic plan to save the world? Oh, you didn't design one all the way back to the meaning of life?

That's why I'm saying we need to understand that some people are more qualified to handle and deserve some things than others, and that should be carefully tested and observed and used as the basis for bridging the gap between losing the war on fear of your own stupidity and where we're at.

It's called self control and understanding people. The day there are no more retarded people to show up on Jerry Springer or Maury denying parenthood and responsibility of probably even more retarded and broken offspring the world will be a verifyably better place.

"That's not possible."

Yeah right, and cats don't distribute propaganda.

Mind-boggling spin.



P.S. This is perfect, because I had just written a list of 'tough questions' to ask my guests once they enter the 'cage' (radio studio) yesterday. Well, if you believe in what you do and must stand for, then why would you want to hide or lie about it? It makes sense right? Eh, anyway, that would technically make three blog posts in one day...just like the good old days...but the strange thing is I still think as much if not more than I always have, I just haven't been going out of the way to write it down here so much. One day we are all going to look back at this and laugh. That's the entire point.