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Saturday, March 14, 2009


I found God.

He is a majorly sarcastic but intelligent chap.

Damn...I have no idea such things existed, but it is quite amusing.

F*cking aliens.

Elle oh Elle

It's code. Get it? Elle oh Elle = lol

Quite ironically these guys ideologically, instantly, retroactively picked up my slack. Wow, that was easy. Compared to these guys, my level of sarcasm and 'principled' preaching doesn't look at that bad.

Mind-boggling with the economy going the way it is. You'd think God might be testing AIG and watching the game like a sheep hawk.

I proud to say that apparently I'm simply not working for the right company. Yet.


Power to the pee pull.

F*cking sarcastic aliens.


Bonus random creative analogy-->The bailout is like certain kids pissing in the financial and ergo social pool of life. You don't need red dye when you've got temperature spectrum vision.

I will create my own temporary Sub-SubGenius Church for the sarcastic sake of putting this material to good use. I'll just recycle what I've got for the best of it and co-brand it to start.