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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Counterfeit Personalities

It just occurred to me...that might be a good way of describing what I take issue with more than anything else, because just like counterfeit money, when it is passed unknowingly, the receiver incurs the debt.

It sounded like an interesting metaphor for lies. And, I know, I's not a perfect world...but you don't want to trust people like Casey Anthony obviously.

Now then, let's take a little peak under the hood of government shall we?

For the sake of the experiment, erase all names. Now then, what we are going to model and demonstrate is how the gears are designed to work. Why this country was founded by revolution in the first place. Then compare them to the "ideals" on which all great countries are founded provided they are based on truth not religion.

Sounds fair enough right? Hell, make truth itself the religion, and you're saved from yourself.

Problem is, this can make you vulnerable, because, in times past they could take advantage of you with carefully placed half-truths and exaggerated arguments.

Why argue whether or not Jesus was born in a manger, when the obvious real debate would be why in the name of all that is honest and holy should we be expected to buy this in the first place?

Do the right thing for the wrong reason?

That is wrong. That is a salesman having taken over what began on principle for his own profit.

Which is how the system was designed. The only problem is, people's ability to communicate and obtain knowledge has grown significantly almost over night.

Thus the entire purpose of the story I suppose.

Anywho, if you know people or work with people who lie to you, is that really what makes you think they respect your best interest above their own unfairly? WTF?

Exactly. Just assume technology will eventually = the +ru+h.

Stupid abstract code writing. Now then, don't start sweating because God has offered to give you flexibility...provided you have treated others equally kindly and flexibly with what power you had over them. It makes sense right?

People are people, but they should be required to treat others as they would like to be treated or risk having it come back on them. How many billion is too many?

Here's an idea. Past a certain point, instead of 'taxing' the rich, just make a game out of required charitable donation that involves actually giving a f*ck. What's wrong? You don't give a f*ck?

That's fine...but it'll cost you just a bit more. Fair enough? You still don't give a f*ck?

About anything but money? Are you f*cking kidding me? What is the point of money again?

What is the point of truth and reality? What is the point of life?

So, in summary, people should be required to deal honestly with full disclosure in relation to monetary matters that affect us all? Love and war can be really troublesome distractions, that a little flexibility, reason, and understanding can avoid.