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Saturday, March 21, 2009

...speaking of clawing back...

Repeat after me:

What do you think we are...stupid?

Now then, all it takes is a couple tests to measure that regardless of what one's own personal opinion may be.

Is our society really so twisted? Are some things connected to others?

Things I once saw as attractive I realize are grotesque in a way.

Enter Music Television.

Now then, I haven't been paying attention for awhile, but according to Supernews! on current, MTV has gone the way that I feared it would. Doh!

Well, it's not like we didn't see that one coming right?


Anywho, maybe the world just appears to be full of relatively blind, self-absorbed clueless retards that wouldn't know financial enslavement if it bit them on the ass.

Hey...knock, knock...let's trade stories shall we?

There I was, there I was, there I was...watching television.


I mean really. The oh so important 'news' these days is not worth the few trillion that it's costing us. Is Octomom worth a couple trillion dollar budget deficit that you weren't being offered the opportunity to gracefully decline?


Thanks, but no thanks, we gracefully decline completely on principle.

These other clowns are just tripping on their own big-assed fancy shoes.

It is comedy and tragedy to watch.

Repent! Repent you fools!

What does that mean anyway? lol

Fuck repenting. Don't f*ck over people in the first place and you won't have anything to repent for...right? AIG? Really?

What about the other thousands of companies DIRECTLY benefiting from this bankruptcy project?

Truth in business should be mandatory, because lives depend on it.

Short-selling m*therfuckers. That was a hilarious use of an * wasn't it?

* = A universal vowel replacement? Hmmm...

Oh no! They've got unemployed citizens on TV.

Damn. According to the politician, we're screwed, because the only thing he has going on is blind and foolish positivity.

What do Octomom and the U.S. government have in common?

Blindly expensive and painful optimism based on conditioned, isolated behavior.

Hey, join the club, but some of us take it in a much more positive direction than others don't we?

Sue me.

Just waiting on the gorilla suit... lol

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!