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Monday, March 2, 2009

Blah, blah, blah...the economy.



Whatever works.

So it turns out on Friday my latest job as prized pet was downsized--to the point of no longer existing. But, to be honest, I'm actually quite pleased about it. It was great proving that I can keep a job and all, but since I'm a perfectionist at heart and much more "free spirit" than caged worker bee, the thought of actually getting to see the beach I live across the street from instead of working in a metal building with fluorescent lighting for the summer isn't exactly all tragedy.

I have a few months cushion, and a few options beyond that, as well as a list of presumed easily attainable "aspirational" goals, so, for all practical purposes, I feel like a free man again for the time being. I'm all for working hard, but I'm also for getting recognition and reward for said work, not smothered by something out of a scene from where Idiocracy meets Slumdog Millionaire.

For the record--I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, but I'm guessing.

Anywho, now that my apartment in Long Beach no longer feels like a prison, suddenly the days are brighter and my thinking is officially back to thinking about all the things it daydreams about otherwise. I presume this only means I need a better fit for my personality. Plus, the Jaguar's mom texted that "God has a better job for me anyway".

Sure. Fine. Close enough. Can I hold him to that?

At the moment I'm waiting on Super Roger to get back from Panama to write an optimized cover letter for me. He's a much better writer than I am, and he should know me well enough to make me sound good from a 3rd person perspective without committing perjury. lol

In the meantime I'm enjoying eating healthy, working out, catching up on a serious to-do list, and not being forced to listen to incorrect analysis and then take action on it just to get paid every week. Rate your boss! (cough, government, cough) So I'll consider the recession a positive thing, since it is change that brings opportunity, and the Lord apparently works in sarcastically backwards ways.

"No Allen, I won't make you instantly rich amongst a small, spoiled group--but I will bring many more decent people down to your level without reason overnight."

Damnit...and they still wouldn't listen to me.

God, did you really cause/allow this economic collapse to happen?

Certainly not, right? I mean, if you are all-powerful and all, and your name is being used on the money, would one not think that you would have the power to instantly use your network to remedy such "unacceptable oversight" of the way the great Earth experiment is going?

Seriously, consider life God's hobby. You've got a universe which is like the material. Under the right circumstances the material can form, and then learn to form itself. Now then, when your life experiment has evolved to the point that a very small percentage of WTF have the capability to affect the life experience of so many, is there not a better way to convey the point?

Should Rush Limbaugh have his fortune wiped out and be forced to live at rock bottom as he is "role playing" the other side of what his words do not see? Only fair right? I always question fat men. People will now have to release full disclosure information and have it posted next to their opinions as your hear them. Somewhere between Rush and rappers we might all learn something.

My dad was a big Rush fan, but that's another story. Plus, even if I told my mom about how I saved the Republicans from themselves, she wouldn't care or believe me. So what's the point? If political opinions are supposed to be formed from a purely selfish perspective, then... Well, I guess there's that pesky "consider the source" problem again. I have a REALLY hard time believing anyone these days, because advice is all relative, and I'm intelligent enough to see how those with bully pulpits spin things. "They must think you're stupid."

And, by putting everyone in that boat but yourself (by use of the word "you're" in a public speech), you just created a self-full filling prophecy. Technically, relatively, subjectively, proportionally--some people ARE stupid. How stupid? Stupid enough to believe what YOU'RE saying without understanding or knowing the entire game being played? So then, that technically makes them stupid as you insinuate that the other party thinks they're stupid...because they are, for the exact reason you are demonstrating.

Mind boggling in the brilliance and tragedy of being right in all the wrong ways.

Hey, join the club. But that's why it's called "healthy debate".

Here's the problem...not EVERYONE listening to you is that stupid. Many are, but not all, but thank God America is such a united, calm, rational, respectful, healthy, intelligent, well-educated, and peaceful society.

Nothing personal, just more sarcasm at the buffet where that came from.

But don't worry, I'm here to put a bunch of us back in their places, so we can understand just what the f*ck we're dealing with.

(10 minute break)

Sorry, I had to go to the window to see what all the fuss is about. Three police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance. What was the big deal? Nothing apparently. Just looked like the standard "official over-reaction" to God only knows what. The cops just came back outside, got back in their cars, and everyone just drove off. Where's the real-time police blotter when you need one? In Texas, the police would find our dogs for us when they ran off, here...they are so "hypersensitized" from dealing with thugs all day they act more like soldiers. Hmmm...

Well, that's the effect sirens and lights and guns and tasers and conditioning have I suppose. If you're desperate for attention in a career, there are obviously several paths open to you.

Anywho, so after that I was interrupted by stopping to watch the Jaguar in the kitchen trying to make a smoothie. This would normally be nothing of interest, but the way she was standing towards the counter, with a wide stance like she was about to wrestle the blender, made me say something smartassed to her about it as she apparently didn't realize how serious she looked when trying to get the "magic bullet" blender cup thing onto the motorized portion.

Since I was by her end of the hall anyway, I decided to stop by the bedroom to see what her kitties were up to. Open the door and---low and behold---apparently they do actually watch TV.

The little kitty citizens probably think the magic nonsense box is God, but they don't understand what it's saying, but if they were advanced animal minds simply incapable of speech, they might recognize patterns of shapes or colors. So, in theory, it just occurred to me that one could subliminally register in certain animal minds patterns of directed thought that could be perceived as--and therefore technically be--God.

Yeah, I'm not sure either. I just make this crap up as I go, but it was interesting that Lucas gave me a "why the hell are you bothering us can't you see I'm watching TV?" look while Bella was apparently bored with whatever programming and rolled over wanting attention. I've never personally had cats, so pardon me for being surprised that they learned how to watch TV. Christ, even ours pets dreams are now indirectly controlled by the magic nonsense box.

Hare-brained idea: The Pet Escapism Channel

Anywho, this will conclude my token publication for the day as it is apparent I'm on a tangent not directly related to saving the world. Watching the news is like a curse, because instead of being fed information, you're being fed bullshit half the time. Watching all these assholes get up and express their views using absolutes as fact when they obviously only have a very rare and insulated perspective that is self-centered to say the least...makes even my own nonsense look almost rational.

We need more critical thinking tests in this world.

(insert random call out of the blue to work on CSI: New York on Friday)

Hmmm... Eh, sure, why not? The question is, how do such things just randomly happen out of nowhere? God? EDD? SAG? My stupid "tail" chasing me? Pure coincidence?

Eh, whatever works.



P.S. Just spoke with the casting director...the part calls for dressing up as a German soldier and possibly holding a German Shepard... He said "Are you comfortable with that?". I said "It's only television." Why does God mock me? Well, if prince whatever can get away with doing it for Halloween, then wearing a uniform makes me no worse than Tom Cruise...and that's not bad company. Although if I ever do run for political office instead of quietly trying to influence the world, I can just see some retard trying to use this against me. Anyway, while I'm on the subject, all the evil shit the Nazis did was wrong, but you do have to give the Germans credit for designing some impressive schemes and machines. The Nazis were wrong, they drew the lines wrong, but they did have one of the greatest propaganda machines in history. Well, them and every other country that tries so damn hard to control things...but don't get me started. I would presume the internet will destroy the need for such logic in all civilized worlds at once very soon. That is all.