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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few more notes on saving the world...

Alright, so here we go again--I have exposed my mind to the media stream at various points throughout the day and now have some notes on how to separate the good from the bad from the ugly from the WTF etc.

1.) The whole Rush Limbaugh debate. Simply make him speak ONLY in terms of the past $700 bailout when Bush was in office. If that's the Republican brand he's selling, then he obviously cannot be trusted nor taken seriously. Yes, it really is just that easy.

Don't worry, this doesn't just apply to Rush, this applies across the board for it is a unsustainable lifestyle/spending addiction America suffers from...some much worse than others.

(insert picture of Paris Hilton)

Trust me, if she wasn't born into and conditioned by such circumstance, she most likely would be a completely different human being. Although not necessarily in any specific way, which is essentially saying nothing.

(Insert the comically unreal housewives of Orange county)

Just like an addiction, which causes behavior to spin more and more recklessly out of control while preoccupied by not-necessarily-completely-well-thought-out obsessions...all good things must have limits and moderation to make them worth having.

Desperate for attention and insecure and hiding behind money to solve that?

Join the club. It's human nature.

What good is having something valuable if you aren't using it? What is the bare minimum? What do you consider excess? What is the point at which more does not have a proportional return on performance improvement?

I will agree that a hand-out, "victimized" mindset is not the way to approach policy...except in the specific instances when people have been victimized. And then you specifically track down the slightly-more-abusive mindsets that did it, and expect them, and only them, to specifically pay that person back. Easier said than done, yes I know, but it only makes sense to fight rhetoric with rhetoric.

Beyond that, you've got a problem from the first bailout onward. It's a psychological problem, because people know when they are being robbed (and therefore treated unfairly) regardless of how you spin it. Republicans are just as guilty, so it really takes some balls for Rush Limbaugh to speak as if he's Ron Paul without that same high ground to stand on. What seems to be quite often overlooked is the disparity in the American standard of living...not between classes...but OVER TIME.

All that money has been selfish collected at the top, not redistributed through trickle down anything. If the system is based on greed...and greed for money is what drives you really expect the majority of people with lots of money to share it out of the kindness of their heart since that is how they became rich in the first place? That is counter-intuitive is it not?

Just last year we were watching specials about "The rise of the Super Rich"...and now we realize the consequences of allowing such excess to go to an overly comfortable few instead of the borderline many.

Just the year before last for Christmas...the "Best of Craigslist" included a cocky post from some Wall Street type bragging about what an obscene amount of money he had...and then going on to parlay it into attempting to attract female companionship with the lure of money.

Is that what this country was founded on?

Get back to me.

Happy Square Root day biatches!



P.S. There should be plenty to go around if the system were being designed and controlled more carefully. You do need to install breeding restriction requirements as some point...or else human kind will just destroy the planet's life-sustaining resources like a cancer. If they are blinded by money in doing so then that's just a double-whammy.