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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blog Facebook Update


Oh no! It's come full circle.

Allen Simpson just Googled 'Why is America the best country in the world?' and found:

BTW...strangely I have been writing more using Facebook as Twitter instead of blogging lately.

Eh, like I said, I go through phases.

More fun to come!



P.S. Does this count as a capture and release of 'my tail'? The only problem with chasing your tail is, whenever you catch it, it hurts and life is boring again. Damn ADD...I was reading this article posted by the girl who hosts CNN online about and the featured story was about a child who allegedly had 'autism, ADHD, and was mentally handicapped'. I thought, those terms sound mutually exclusive. My mom still doesn't realize just how short my attention span is, but she can't understand that it's hard to try at things I don't necessarily care about. I need a mentor!!!

I could literally, virtually take over the world and A.) She wouldn't know/care about it and B.) say "What did you do that for, now you have to take care of it?"

Which brings me to a point: it's easier to avoid causing a mess than it is cleaning it up, so everyone ( too!) please try to make a concerted effort to remotely start giving a f*ck--alright?

Can anyone explain how the money system that controls you works? Then is Democracy just a joke in that key respect for all practical purposes? Oh...that's how it works...but, it is still sensitive to real undercurrents in public sentiment, so it definitely makes for an interesting ride.

Vote on this shit bitch! said the gangsta rapper Colbert to the masses. (facepalm)

Happy Sunday ya'll!