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Friday, March 13, 2009

Blurring the lines and back-dating parallels.

(This is an edited rewrite of a previous post of mine. Can you blindly guess the date?)

So anywho, I was lured into watching some Ron Paul propaganda, and I realized there is a strong voice of dissent from the one man that made a statement about not selling out...

...things that make you go hmmm...

Ah, the hell with it.

Here's what I wrote about I'm not even sure guys would love the stuff I haven't been posting. Although I suppose it's probably open knowledge and a running inside joke amongst certain law enforcement and intelligence communities given The Patriot Act and all.

It would almost be disappointing if it's not.

You KNOW they have got some funny stories of tracking some funny it's just a matter of them 'spinning-off' with a career change into writing and the use of fake names and metaphors etc. Seriously, where are all the sitcoms about the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, EDD, etc. spying on you? (Yes, I threw EDD in there just to be a smartass.) They can spy on us... but have to be too secretive about the information to even give us some good sitcom entertainment out of it? WTF? Where is your sense of humor?

Good-day mates!


"Why are we talking with Australian accents?"

Because I spent the whole first part of the story on MySpace Australia semi-unknowingly for no reason.

Don't ask me. The funny thing about online technology is it is largely geographically independent. I could be next door, but you'd think I'm in Australia b/c I overlooked one little field. Think about how close so many are physically while being psychologically isolated.

It's all relative, but that's ironically irrelevant occasionally.

Here's the nonsense for today:

Remember how I'm always talking about safety mechanisms through parallel stories? My whole little literary 'kingdom prototype in your mind's sky' thing?

Well, just in case, I've got a few pretty serious marketing campaigns just waiting on me to decide what to use them's just a matter of choosing how to be most constructive I suppose. ;)

I digress...

...while lost in la-la land, fighting a war on fighting and war...or was it just boredom and creative writing expressing disdain for ships of fools adrift in man-made perfect storms? Alright...don't listen to me...but drowning sucks.

Can no one trust anyone anymore for Christ's sake? And by Christ I mean the Sun and the idealized human behavioral metaphor...not the propaganda messiah. Why not start redefining what's right with the +ru+h vs. CHOSEN blind acceptance?

What do you mean it's not chosen but believed? Do you choose to believe? Do you believe you are chosen? Do you not think everyone should have to openly explain the meaning of life according to them and how they choose to pursue it? Shouldn't it be done BLINDLY on performance, personality, intelligence, creativity, and the ability to perform in that capacity most efficiently, effectively, happily, fairly and honestly if not compassionately?

So where the f*ck are the rest of these fools' minds @?

Don't get me started.

Although if it is just a financial metaphor you will survive right? At what cost? I'm going to make a t-shirt that says "Are we living in fear yet?"

I chase my tail, it chases me. My tail gives me attitude on occasion, sometimes I forget it exists and ignore it.

Is this how people see God or are they living in an entirely different and twistedly false group fantasy? Why? Suit yourselves...but mine is SO MUCH BETTER. The Spaghetti Monster gives me lots of flexibility when I preach. lol

"Can the economy be saved by commemorative plate sales?"

Figures the infomercial "fine print predators' would whore out the new president before he was even president. Comically tragic irony wrapped in mind-twisting bullshit. So you put some stickers on coins and sold them for $20 a set? Really Montel? Really? With the recession coming and all? Really?

Hi! I'm Allyn 'the Arbitration' Tygrrr. :)

(insert sarcastic alternate strategy)

Operation: Yellowcard :)

That's right, you have a temporary yellow insert over the flag or 'not-designed-to-be-blanket' issue if necessary while we arbitrate what the hell certain people have done to the future of our lives and why. I'm sorry...but I want the absolute best of the best running and designing the systems that govern me...that is NOT what I see or how our current government operates.

It's getting embarrassing and probably causing lots of psychological trauma. Ya think?

It becomes apparent quickly and painfully sometimes.

I would argue my plan is better.

Too extreme? You don't want to try and bribe certain people out of leading us down a future path to Idiocracy BEFORE we run out of imaginary money to buy them off with?

OK, fine...then can we at least elect Google to design an 'optimized' government from the ground up as I proposed a few years back? No, seriously. Use data to understand just how 'less than ideal' things are, then design a plan to correct it to 'best practices' sustainability by the most efficient and effective means necessary.

Well, suit yourselves. If nothing else this abstract argument should encourage 'healthy debate'. Personally I think Octomom's behavior and choices are criminal and abusive...but who am I to judge?...except someone who has gone above and beyond to not burden others unfairly nor bring innocent life into the world irresponsibly.

Sue me.

Speaking of failure to tame the rhetoric...

Guess what? WTF Radio is starting again. Get out your pom-poms girls!

Saturdays @ 1 PST on -->

Go Obama!...can you get me a minute-by-minute breakdown of what the CEO's that accepted the funds are doing? For what it cost us, we need to see the lifestyle that precipitated it from a '1st-person' perspective. ;)

That is all.


P.S. The beauty about numbers is that they don't lie...unless it was lies that created them.

P.P.S. Has anyone else noticed how 1980's-ishly outdated the Dow Jones board that keeps erasing years of your savings on super-CGI-enhanced TV is? The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Bonus Video!!! --> Australian Politicians vs. The Media Debating 'our' Economy