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Friday, March 6, 2009

God and/or Hollywood just loves to mock me.

So, not even one week after my previous relatively-dead-end yet acceptably lucrative "normal" full-time job as a Marketing Director ended, the phone rings completely out of the blue.

It's Hollywood a beyond comically paradoxical way.

For those of you who have been completely unaware of my secret writing project over the last few years, it has essentially attempted to touch on all aspects of the human condition in one way or another in regard to how to build/design a more idealized society. As such, it included everything from Jesus-type rhetoric to mocking gangsta rap and any number of random solutions on how to "save the world" using modern communication technology.

Sure, it's unusual and "unique", but I presume everyone is used to it by now.

So here I am attempting to approach solving society's problems from a "rock-bottom up" Jesus-type perspective, while at the same time ranting to the mainstream media in colorful enough language that occasionally my two cents make it into the ultimate upper echelon of "healthy debate" Obama so often encourages.

It's a long story, but we'll get back to that another time.

The present day finds me freshly showered and about to throw on some casual clothes to head to CBS Radford Studios...where they plan to dress me up as a Nazi SS officer for an episode of CSI: New York.


Well, although the entire scenario sounds almost absurd given my preaching over the last few years, I assume it makes sense in that I do look German or 'Nordic' to an extent. In truth I'm told (by my mom) I'm German, Irish, Polish, and French...which in itself is a paradox. Using nationalist behavioral stereotypes at various points in history on my own ethnicity means I singlehandedly conquered myself, was fighting mad enough about it to stage a grassroots insurrection, and eventually evolved all sides into a modern version where all previously warring factions appear remarkably similar.

Eh, whatever, today's reality is just a non-speaking part on TV.

What made this even more humorous than the initial call from the casting director the other day was actually listening to the line-up of characters scheduled for today's shoot. Everything from modern day FBI agents and detectives, to pretend camera crews and boom mic operators, to pretend members of a delegation from the Israeli Embassy, to three other SS officers, to some pretend concentration camp prisoners, to a handful of "Hitler youth".


One week I'm sitting at a desk, stuck in front of a computer, bored out-of-my-mind eloquently describing software I don't remotely understand, the next week Hollywood has me dressed up in the ultimate WWII monkey suit and staging scenes from history that were long before my time.

Well, it is damn sure comedy if nothing else.

No more time to ramble, must go to work as highly underappreciated set decoration.

Two steps forward, one step back and to the side.

Hope everyone is having a relatively great Friday!



(stop mocking me for my 'positive' signout)

P.S. I still have no clue whether SAG, EDD, Hollywood, Washington, my "tail", or just pure blind coincidence (a.k.a. "God") is responsible for this...but it is work! :)