Your reality is only partially manufactured.

Overclockin' your noggin. Only on Sumdays.

There's a lot more to the story and off-the-wall rhetoric than at first you might suspect.

It's "just" a meme... Or is it?

If you don't know, you have no idea what you're missing, and there is only one way to find out.

That said; don't be silly. +he 777 Agend^ does not (Really?) exist. Any references are purely coincidental and most likely just a figment of your imagination. 0r not.

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You never know what kind of gems you might find hidden in the rough or just how valuable they could potentially be to you and your quality of existence within this lifetime on this planet. Hey, if it's good enough for the Best of the Best, then why would you think it might not be good enough to be of remote interest to you?


Interesting is an understatement.

Once you pay attention long enough to figure out what's really going on it will blow your mind.

In a Good way.

That would be the point.

Merry +++mas.

- A! -

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Yes, the radio show will be on at 1 (PST) today as usual.

(insert applause)

Don't fucking ask me what to expect.

(insert standing ovation)

Have a great day!!!



Update 3:30 p.m.-->Well, I'm not too sure about professional formatting, but it was damn sure funny doing it. God-willing Goldilocks will do all the technical work to get it online in podcast format, since that is what she has conveniently been trained to do by CBS. lol Of all the lists I made, of all the funny/important stuff I wanted to talk about--next to none of it made the broadcast, but yet we managed to laugh our asses off about each other for 2 hours straight. I should fire myself and rehire myself back in a different way. Yes, again.