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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The 'Hand of God' etc.

...but the 'crazy' part is, just last week I was in a semi-dream state (i.e. falling asleep but still conscious) and had some kind of weird vision where my physical form was actually just composed of stars like they were molecules. The effect was something like zooming-out into space and then coming upon the realization that the perception of my physical being was actually comprised of a seemingly infinite number of the impression of something that looked similar to that picture, but not exactly.


I presume lots of people have these kinds of dreams though.

I haven't seen Men in Black in awhile, but I think there is a similar effect in the beginning of that movie where the grain of sand turns into infinite space or vice-versa or something like that.

Hmmm...I've actually decided to drop attempting to mold the religious nonsense into my storyline for the time being and just take the ball back into my court using science and psychology instead.

How so you ask?

Well, I finally received a new copy of my own personal 'Bible', which just happens to be a book entitled: Self-Directed Behavior. I think it was originally supposed to be read for one of my college classes back in the day, but I never read it at the time. It ultimately got put on my bookshelf along with all my other college text books and remained there untouched for years until I stumbled across it later in life.

When I rediscovered it, I read the first-part and used it to 'reprogram' myself away from the club scene at the time, but I didn't finish and the book ultimately was forgotten about and lost.

Note to self: Reprogram self to follow through next time.

Anywho, since I don't have my stupid token magic Ferrari yet, it occurred to me that I need to reprogram my behavior to attain my new desired career direction now that I'm far more aware of what the world has to offer and what I'm possibly capable of beyond what I saw as options growing up and going to school in rural Texas.

As such, I ordered a new copy last week and received it yesterday. So far I've read one chapter aloud each day and recorded it, and I'm actively deciding which behaviors to modify to correct my circumstance and performance, since I've spent WAY too much time watching TV over the last few years when there are obviously lots of much more productive options for my time.

It's great for reprogramming yourself for everything from working out to studying to eating right and choosing your social interaction too, so if you've fallen into any bad habits you want to get rid of, this book gives you a very specific scientific approach and therefore relatively complete control to change them.

With the world going the way it is these days, maximizing one's performance can be a real lifesaver, and since Jesus hasn't shown up to stop the lies, the vultures, or the economic meltdown...I just said f*ck it, I guess I better save myself.


Happy Tuesday everyone!



(my rebuttal to my friend Doug the rocket scientist's most recent blog entry about space related news and being attacked for being an athetist) @

I guess it all depends on how you define 'God'.

I don't use the word 'God' in the context of ancient religion except mockingly. I do however use the word/concept of 'God' to represent infinite/ultimate knowledge of things far beyond our mind's ability to comprehend.

I consider science to be the pursuit of understanding 'God'. Try out my theory, it works on everything, even from a rocket scientist's perspective, and even encompasses things like your mysterious invisible space dust.

For the record, I highly doubt man's accurate perception of the universe, because it relies on the measurement of light/energy waves that we can't prove we completely understand yet. Some, yes. Everything? Not a chance in hell. It could still just be one huge 3D game of Second Life, and no one can prove otherwise. That's the comedy of it.


To know the whereabouts of every quark of every atom of every molecule and to know how each one is reacting with anything else at any give 'frame' of time is to be 'God', and the only way man can even mimic such an environment is via digital technology that will obviously never achieve the perceivable resolution of life itself.

I think it would be safe to say that 'God' is responsible for 'life' for the purposes of my future comical pseudo-science religion, but the nonsense from the Bible, Koran, etc. is obviously (poorly) constructed man-made nonsense. It's an ancient mind-control mechanism. It does scare me that people can be so...ummm...gullible as to believe such things literally, since even as a child being brainwashed at church I thought "WTF is this nonsense they are trying to indoctrinate me with?...they can't be serious?". It is a disturbing litmus test of our society that people will believe fairytales literally, and go around looking down at other people for it. Even Ann Coulter wears a cross, a complete contradiction of intelligence.

Even worse, when the system is based on lies, it leaves the door WIDE open for relatively evil hypocrites. Example A: A girl I used to know who is/was literally a whore but has stated on her profile front and center that she is Christian/Catholic. The human lies are what I take issue with, my science God is perfectly cool though because he represents nothing but the truth, knowledge, and logic in trying to discover how this stupid spinning rock/mass system works.

That is all for now.