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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I crack myself up.

AllynTygrrrIcon_lock@britneyspears Come on Brit...I just started following you on Twitter...twit something compelling!!! :)Her most recent twit: Win floor tickets to Britney's Circus tour in California, Phoenix, Salt Lake City or Chicago!

Eh, close enough.

After reading her tweets I did realize the whole K-Fed "oops!" was a result of her relative isolation while being stuck on the road with her dancers. That and poor judgment when dealing with manipulative characters...but haven't we all been there? I seems celebrity obviously doesn't protect one from one's self as much as I always imagined it would. Oh well.

Speaking of which, since the recession has forced me out of my boring-as-hell normal day job, should I be a normal club promoter in Long Beach to survive? Ironically these are the kinds of roles everyone else would LOVE to have and they just get thrown in my lap, but yet I'm hesitant because the entire bar scene seems so shallow and skin deep. Where are all the quality women at?

P.S. I threw my hat in the ring for 4/20 in Anaheim because it seemed so obvious. They were talking about a 4/20 KCTY concert in my radio class yesterday, but I wasn't paying happens a lot. Did you know 4/20 is also...nevermind. :)