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Monday, May 18, 2009

Arguing with Religion

Great, so I agree to go ride motorcycles with Roger...again...

He seems to be a big fan of goofing off, but I brought him into the game for his talent as a writer. Irony. He's still stuck in Nashville mode, but other that that, a O.K. I suppose.

This time we went over the bridge to San Pedro and then up the coast to Marymount College and then Palos Verdes, where we stopped at the top of some random hill and had a beer at the local store/deli and got into what I presume is a relatively WTF conversation as usual. It was engaging enough to have the 85-year-old gentlemen sitting next to us to chime in...he reminded me of my dad...and backed up my arguments over Roger's more than Roger's over which I would like to add: Ha.

See. I'm not all wrong all the time.

The funny thing is, amongst my other close friends I'm known for always being right. Overly trusting perhaps, but usually well aware of WTF is really going on.

Roger thinks I don't understand exactly how he thinks. lol That is funny.

If I walk around with my hair messed up but a motorcycle helmet in my hand, does that give me an excuse, like a get outta jail free hall pass or something?

Where are those rogue groups of AXE hair chicks when I need them?

Alright, that's enough side tracks for one night.

Daily Show? Colbert Report anyone?