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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making West Coast Lemonade

So, instead of going to see Angels and Demons as I planned, I instead was coaxed by my friend Roger (some of you may know him from the radio show) into riding motorcycles down to Huntington Beach. Never been there along the beach before, very cool.

Roger called it touristy and the 'home of surfing'. I just called it different.

See, I can tolerate beach culture. That version of Southern California is perfectly fine if not alluring to me. Sue me.

Anywho, so I swung by his place since it was on the way out of town that direction.

I then followed Roger's path of dive bar hopping, 1 beer per bar each.

Harmless enough.

Although I would also like to take this chance to bring up how backward and retarded drugs like alcohol are. I mean seriously, WTF? Back when alcohol became the predominant drug in history, how did that happen, and why has it alone so strongly legally stuck with us? Just a question, because drunk people are embarrassingly silly creatures.

Losing control = not sexy.

Remember that girls. Boys, you may be lost causes already.

Oh anywho...we went to some Irish dive bar in Seal Beach with a cute bartender Roger knows named Kim. Then to some other dive bar where Kim's friend Maggie works in the same capacity. Then Roger got us cursed out for being Texans, which reminds me why state and national stereotypes are so stupid.

But it was just in fun, and we eventually made our way to HB = Huntington Beach for all you non-locals around me. lol

This totally reminds me of when I had a skate board in high school that said 'LOCALS ONLY'. I didn't know what it meant, but it was a Nash, and that's all that mattered according to advertising and group influence I had been brainwashed by at the time.

See, life is all relative and subjective kids.

Who you are is strongly influenced by those around you, and that can lead to some fooked up ....

Whoa. Insert earthquake.

Uh oh. God must be pissed.


We'll be back after we turn on the television to see the feedback.

Kepp smiling ya'll...see that one was big enough to actually be exciting.