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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Rainbow Invasion

Oh Christ, here we go...

So yesterday I woke up to the neighbor's 'Mexican alarm clock', i.e. the sound of a gasoline-powered weedeater at 8:30 in the morning...on a Saturday...just like every Saturday.


Oh well. That's tolerable. No biggie there. I need to get out of bed anyway. The Jaguar gets pissed, but I'm more laid back about it I guess.

Today I was drawn from my exceptionally comfortable bed by the neighbor's gay pride parade coming down Ocean with police sirens blaring. Oh, it's that time of year again? I know because I had to move my motorcycle from the street by 8, because the parade literally comes down Ocean Blvd., along the ocean...50 yards away...and apparently they needed to clear the street just in case? Not sure, but at least they made some money towing cars I presume.

It suddenly feels like I accidentally moved into the middle of West Hollywood without being told I was being moved into the middle of West Hollywood. WTF?

Alright. Sure, fine. I blame the Jaguar for this one because she blindly moved us into the more gay part of Long Beach than the more normal part, but it's really no big deal except that, well, it's a little weird and discomforting when the gays out number the normal people in the crowd. It's a very discomforting scenario when I can't find just one of my drop-dead gorgeous dreamgirls to save my life and instead I'm suddenly forced to bear witness to things that make me fear the entire city is gay...which it obviously isn't...but God there are a lot of exhibitionistic homosexuals making a lot of noise down the street at the moment.

It occurs to me it could be the Jaguar just moved us into completely the wrong neighborhood without knowing it, but now I'm stuck here because I don't want to put forth the time and energy to move. Grrr... Well, at least until I find a specifically better option...and although I'm not sure I'll be looking on craigslist anytime soon.

So anywho, where was I? Oh yes, reporting on my attempt to be neighborly and go watch the gay parade down the street. Well, it's all fine and great, except I feel like I'm looking at a freak show (rental crate trucks with high-powered stereos blaring dance music as the crystal/X'd up party goers from the night before just basically take their gay dance club on the road...and on parade) and that certain elements of the freak show won't stop staring at me in a predatory way.

I mean, you've got to hand it to them, they know how to have a good time, but why do we need it in this slightly-obnoxious format? Ummm...I think the people behind it are very capable, creative, and well-connected...but that doesn't mean I'm supposed to actually enjoy watching a bunch of gay dudes dance down the street while I get stared at like prey right?

THAT is the only thing that bothers me, when gay guys look at me or make comments in suggestive ways. Thanks pirate. I know I'm cute, or at least as cute as I always have been, I don't need people with your mindset confirming that. I mean, thanks for being all disrespectful and all...but I still appreciate the compliment?

Girls? Fine, although if you come on too strong I will most likely rightfully think you're sluttly. Guys? Just please don't.

Good God, the way most men act makes me pity women. The way some women act makes me pity their victims. The way gay men look at you when you're a cute guy...well, it's just a little uncomfortable. I mean that in a nice way. I mean fine, be gay, be confused, be whatever you want...but just God please don't mistakenly apply that mindset to me. If you respect me as a person, which is the only thing I allow people to respect me for, then respect that I'm straight, and that other men are straight, and that you should only keep your gaydar focused on other gay people.

I mean, that is only fair right?

It makes me feel so bad about how women are looked at by most men.

I would also like to take this time to apologize to all the women I might have offended with my 'priceless girlfriend matrix' branding ideas, because if you aren't attracted to women the same way I'm not attracted to men...then OH MY GOD I apologize for even suggesting it. Although I must say, given the nature of the species, the girl/girl thing in regard to the patriarchal nature of our society makes much more sense from an emotionally/circumstantially 'protectionist' perspective. But what do I know? Except that Western culture and capitalism often appears to be quite abusive/destructive/damaging/painful in the love department...for really stupid, short-sighted reasons.

What about all these girls that get knocked up by these piece of shit guys that I have gone to such great lengths and sacrifice to avoid being my entire life?


A.) We need to stop these lapses in judgment and perspective ahead of time.

but B.) if the girl is an otherwise absolutely wonderful girl that has money but is just stuck with the kids from a relationship that didn't work out...

I just don't think people understand how long life is, and I think the culture guided by television demonstrates destructive role modeling to an extent, quite often for profit. :(

Boo!!! Stupid people. There must be a better way. would one design a 'priceless' matrix to fix that broken home problem which seems to have become embarrassingly far more prevalent in our society in recent years?

Yeah, I think too much...but there is some merit to my 'outside the box' scheming. On MySpace I noticed one absolutely beautiful rich girl has a baby daughter and a girlfriend...and she seems incredibly happy....although it might be the money and beauty insulating her as well, and most don't have that luxury. Hmmm... To which I would like to add: that doesn't mean it's true, so much more research will need to be done on my hypothetical matrix theories.

How's that working out for you?


Don't worry. There are some highlights of the adventure down the street too. Honest to God, if it didn't seem so rude, I would laugh out loud at half the sh*t I saw...which I pretty much did anyway. Hey, I live in my own little world, so I was just there for entertainment because it was in the neighborhood, and the 10 minutes I was there were damn sure entertaining one way or another.

The police were in on escorting the trucks full of half-naked drugged out partyers down the city's main street. Hey, they have the MySpace-esque desire for attention by complete strangers too. There were lots of interesting interpretations of the rainbow color scheme. I feel so sorry for the rainbow sometimes. And the main thing here is I don't want to lump everyone in together, which is what I fear the entire concept of 'gay pride' is doing. There are some totally cool gay people, and there are some freaks...and unfortunately the freaks kind of stand out and give the entire experience a freakish feel.

I can't believe the police aren't just protecting free speech, but are actually participating in the parade that blatantly promotes drug culture. As I've been trying to point out for years since discovering it, the entire game is a little fooked up from a logical, rational perspective. But I digress.

On a comically positive note, I found a million dollars with quotes from Jesus on it!

I shit you not. Yup, apparently it's come to this.

Granted, it's a fake million dollar bill I found on the street...kind of like the ones I was going to use for promotion of any number of things before...but apparently these marketing geniuses decided to use it to promote...I don't even know.

The beauty of it is, the gays fighting religion is a joke, because religion is simply a man-made construct of ancient lies. But can the gay lifestyle face the light of science and full disclosure? Dude, you take drugs and emotional issues out of that equation, and it would be a MUCH different spectacle. Can religion? Ha. I am slightly upset that the gays have blurred the lines between homosexuality and the 'afterhours party lifestyle'. They are two separate things that should be clearly separated and identified, but the current laws prevent that even as the god damn police escort the glaring behavioral example down the street.

It's relatively harmless right? Exactly.

So then why all the military-type drama about the drugs?

If you could harness that power in a positive spiritual context instead of displaying it in a lustful homosexual manner, you might be able to save society from itself.

Not likely, but it's better than what we've got now.

Or you can always just move and build a house on a hill with a big fence around it. lol

Ah people, such silly creatures.

Oh snap. Correction. The million dollar bill propaganda was from

I'm not going to bother checking out the website though, because I honestly think Jesus has nothing to do with it. God's only Sun is that star we're circling around...nothing less, nothing more...well, unless of course you're referring to the fairytale, but, if you're referring to the fairytale as truth instead of as an allegorical fairytale...well, then what am I supposed to do?...start arguing reality with you?

I apologize to anyone I might have offended, I am simply straightforwardly relating the way my mind is processing the environment it sees.

If you're a gay guy, fine, just understand I'm not and don't hit on me or look at me in that way. If you're a girl, feel free, just try to keep it classy. ;)

I'm going to go ride motorcycles down to Huntington Beach with Roger because I don't have a damn thing better to do at the moment.

Sorry for the possibly controversial entry.

God called, he asked for the rainbow back. lol

I am so wrong...but funny.

Bye kids!