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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Token Sunday Entry

Although on a totally unrelated note, Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!...except, ummm...the only thing is, my mother refuses to read this. lol

Wow. Oh well, here we are again.

Hello world!

(Hello Allen!)

What have you done today to make the world a better place Allen?

Ummm...bitched about certain elements of the 'thought control' system that seem quite obviously broken?

Sure. Fine. Close enough.

I was disappointed in Obama's comedy routine in that he could have made it look less lap-dogish, but the jokes were quite good.

But having the entire system designed so piss-poorly and painfully as those in charge glow is a little eerie don't you think? I mean, I know, I own behavior is occasionally imperfect...but then again, I'm not officially leader of the free world.

I'm officially leader of the New World!

OH!!!! Take that. I called it! Sweet. Now that I'm leader of the New World just because I said it, may I request a movement towards higher standards of full disclosure in all forms of entertainment that might be taken as non-fiction otherwise?


K. Fine.

In that case I'll just go back to writing about my real life. Bor-ing. Rode the motorcycle along the beach to get some sun and impulsively put off a long, long, long delayed trip to Best Buy to get a new digital camera.

Last one got stolen after I had given all my old/other ones to my mom...and I just kept putting off buying a new one...not sure why.

Well, at least we'll soon have the ability to take pictures again....yay...go me!

Haven't watched TV today, so I don't have anything to be upset about.


Happy Mother's Day anyway!

Now then, would could I reverse that marketing strategy for?