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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You can't save whores.

Why? It's a selfish state of mind, that is precipitated by a wide spectrum of things.

Could you save Mike from being a whore?

No. Because people like Mike would gladly want to be a whores for money.

I makes sense I suppose, although seems to create a highly toxic mindset which is where the lies come in and can start doing lots of life-destroying damage quick. I think that's what's not fair. Do whatever you like, just don't lie about it. It's only fair right? I mean, sex isn't a bad thing, unless it's done in bad context.

So there in lies one of the key WTF scenarios of freedom. Oh hey, you just brought a kid into your selfish, fucked-up world? Asshole. If it were my world that kid would be able to sue you from inside them womb. Ha.

Which is where I simply want to insert specific transparency and non-destructive behavior clauses. Be bad or whatever, just be such a badass that you don't have to lie to anyone about anything you do and expect them to reflect those same 'badass' standards back.

Well, at least in my 'pretty damn impressive' fairytale world...

PlayTygrrr --> Because it's what I do best. ;)

Yes. I'm bored...but exercising my brain and creative thinking strengths. where were we?

Oh yes, trying to design a way to make your wildest dreams come true, for if I can do it for you, I can do it for me, and that is all it takes at this point. God knows we've drawn enough attention within specifically well-positioned crowds to the cause/show.

My latest online status update? You actually care? In a completely sarcastic way? Me too!!! here it is:

MySpace = WTF?

Facebook = Hmmm...

Twitter = You're invisible, who cares?

+he WYZARD projec+ = Priceless. ;)

So here we are again.

Heard any good jokes lately?

TMZ says they found Jesus.

God help us I suppose we should have seen this coming right?

Throw Jesus right in mix like that?

Ha. Sorry to momentarily sidetrack us from our intended path, but I guess I should find a way to post the half-assed videos I made in one day each? Note to self: You need better mentors around me.


Well, what brought this up is that my editing project ended up being about Jesus' Magic Lemonade.

It got mixed rave half-assed reviews from "Jesus is much more than a state of mind" to "Daring." to "you're a badass but I also like the word Jesus b/c he is my savior". Wow.

Magic lemonade eh?

Yeah, I totally changed my mind at the last minute and re-built the project around one specific image I found on the web and a Front 242 song from college.

"Jesus is here." = Jesus' Magic Lemonade

Yeah, walk into church and throw that on the cool-assed motorized screen on the alter.

Boom. Funny story about 'Boom'...back when I started writing this 'series' of emails specifically targeted at the 'ultimate powers that be'...'Boom.' was integrated into the story to the point that...nevermind.

That will be fun to remember at some point.


I wonder if it's taken?

It's not 'in your own mind' when it's written down.


Let that sink in.

When life is like a bad comedy, laugh at every chance you get. ;)

Laugh at every chance you get regardless of what life is like.

Well, this is what happens when one is invisible grabbing sh*t out of thin air.